What is the LeBron James ‘Reportedly’ meme and its meaning explained

What is the LeBron James ‘Reportedly’ meme and its meaning explained

Here is all you need to know about the LeBron James ‘reportedly’ meme which is going viral on the internet 

The bigger the star the more the memes. Those can be negative or positive both. His fame as a meme extends his digital reach beyond his dominance in basketball. However, the LeBron meme are always funny and entertaining (not the disrespecting ones though).

Recently, “You Are My Sunshine” meme went viral on internet and fans couldn’t stop making funny templates.

What is the LeBron James ‘Reportedly’ meme and its meaning explained as it goes viral

Meanwhile, another meme related to LeBron James is going viral on internet now. The meme of social media features the NBA legend donning Lakers jersey but in upset, shocked or disappointing position.

A fan posted: “Lebron James reportedly spared Sans in the last corridor and got dunked on.”

Another wrote: “Lebron James reportedly missed Mrs.Pomp’s class time.”


One user posted: “The LeBron James reportedly did x memes slaughter me.”


Another fan: “lebron james reportedly forgot to dig a hole before striking the money rock.”

The other memes are, “lebron james reportedly accidentally refreshed the timeline while reading a funny tweet,” “LEBRON JAMES reportedly did NOT call out his Oracles on Templar encounter,” “Lebron James reportedly spent 7 hours trying to farm for the broken hero sword in a pre plantera solar eclipse,” and many other such sentences.

This meme is not new though because it all started back in September 2022 and got viral in August 2023 on Reddit. The ‘reportedly’ meme is again resurfacing on internet since this year’s March and April.


In September 2022, a user on the /r/OkBuddyRetard subreddit posted a meme featuring the NBA legendary star putting his palm at his face being disappointed and upset with the quote that read, “LeBron James reportedly downed during instakill.”

Meanwhile, the 39-year-old power forward is questionable to play against Memphis Grizzlies as he is in the list of injuries for the Lakers. Despite playing with a sickness, he finished with 33 points, seven rebounds, 11 assists, and two steals in the Golden State Warriors loss.