What is the gender of Brittney Griner and why does she have such a deep voice

What is the gender of Brittney Griner and why does she have such a deep voice

Brittney Griner is one of the most well-known players in the WNBA but a video of her heavy deep voice has gone viral now

For the past few years, rumours about her gender identity have caused a lot of discussion.

Many people have wondered if Griner is transgender and if she has had hormone treatment to turn into a woman. But there isn’t much proof to back up these claims.

What is the gender of Brittney Griner and why does she have such a deep voice as interview video goes viral

She wrote in her book, “I was already getting picked on for being different, for looking like a boy, for having a low voice, so it was hard to imagine myself doing anything to announce that I was even more different than everyone else already thought.”

People often say that Griner’s great basketball skills are the reason for these rumours. Some people think that she is not a “normal woman” because she can dunk a basketball, which not many women can do. But no matter how good she is on the game, that doesn’t necessarily say anything about who she is.


Griner’s voice sounds different from other women’s voices, which is one reason why people don’t know what gender she is. Some people have said that her voice suggests she might not be a real woman. But there is no proof that her voice changed because of hormone treatment or any other kind of reversal of gender.

Brittney Griner’s s*xual orientation and gender identity

Griner has also come out as g*y, which has added to the questions about her gender identity. But just because someone is g*y doesn’t mean that they are transgender or have had hormone treatment.


Even though there is no proof, the rumours about Griner’s gender identity keep going around. Some people have even said that she is really a man dressed as a woman. But Griner’s youth and upbringing make this idea very unlikely. Her deep voice is natural.

Brittney Griner’s family does not support her

Griner’s father was said to be against her being g*y, and it seems unlikely that he would have accepted her if she were truly a boy. Also, there is no reason to question that Griner thinks of herself other than a woman.

It’s important to keep in mind that gender identity is a personal and complicated problem. Even if someone doesn’t look or sound like we expect, that doesn’t mean they aren’t who they say they are. Griner should be recognised for the person she is and the athlete she is.


Griner has had a lot of help from the WNBA over the years, and many young women look up to her as a talented athlete and a strong, sure-of-herself woman. It’s time to stop talking about the rumours and pay attention to what’s important: Griner’s skills on the court and what she’s done for basketball.

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