What is the Facebook back button not working problem in 2023 and how to fix error

What is the Facebook back button not working problem in 2023 and how to fix error

Meta recently rolled out a new update for the Facebook app on Android smartphones where the back button is not working, find out how to solve it in 2023

Despite the presence of an arrow-like symbol on the top for returning to the previous page, users have opted for the back button as an easier option for years.

Explained what is the Facebook back button not working problem in 2023 and how to fix error

Following the new update, Netizens expressed their frustration across different social media platforms. Some users requested Meta to fix the issue, while some other users called it as “unintuitive.”


Facebook back button not working

Just last month, on October 31, 2023, Meta released a new update, Version 439, for its Facebook app on Android. Following the release of the new update on the Play Store, users noticed that the back button stopped working. According to reports, the problem is synonymous with all users around the world. The first report about the problem came around November 5, 2023. As of now, there is no information as to why the back button has stopped functioning. Moreover, neither Meta nor Facebook have issued a statement about the latest update.


How to solve the Facebook back button problem

According to some users, holding the button for 1-4 seconds will solve the problem. However, the problem will persist if a user decides to clear the cache and overall app data. Moreover, users who have not updated the app up until now will not face the problem. Notably, users can also choose to remove the update by carrying out the following few steps:

  • Proceed to the settings section
  • Choose the Apps & Notifications option
  • Select See All Apps
  • Find Facebook
  • Go to the top right side and choose the three dots to uninstall the updates

Meta on the process of testing new updates for Facebook and Instagram

Just two days ago, Meta revealed on their official website that they are currently testing a new holiday bonus for Instagram and Facebook users across South Korea, the U.S., and Japan. According to the website, the new update will allow users to receive rewards for posting reels and pictures. By the end of 2023, Met will then hand out invitations to selected creators to test the bonus. Meta explained that the benefits will depend upon the number of views that a user receives for each reel or picture.


Meta offering gifts to Instagram and Facebook users

Aside from all the above updates, Meta is reportedly offering gifts for creators on both Instagram and Facebook as well. Users of both apps can avail of the gifts, and Instagram users can even share virtual gifts by purchasing stars. As of now, the new feature is available in most countries. Meanwhile, Facebook is also currently providing fall and holiday-themed virtual gifts for a limited time. Interested users can simply earn them by posting any sort of content related to the festive season and also by participating in various challenges.

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