What is the Dana White “Oil Him Up” trend, meaning and origin as meme goes viral on Twitter/X

What is the Dana White “Oil Him Up” trend, meaning and origin as meme goes viral on Twitter/X

Dana White, alongside the matchmakers, has demonstrated exceptional management in recent UFC events, have a look at his oil him up trend

Not only has he efficiently curated fight cards, but he’s also devoted significant time to engaging with fans. However, this personal interaction has unwittingly birthed one of the most enduring memes in MMA lore.

What is the Dana White “Oil Him Up” trend, meaning and origin as meme goes viral on Twitter/X and Reddit

For the uninitiated, the UFC President frequently takes to social media to announce upcoming fights and has even live-streamed his reactions to events he couldn’t attend. During these streams, White has often been bombarded with humorous and sometimes trollish questions and comments from fans.

One such comment that gained viral traction was a fan’s request to “oil” Dana up. White’s visibly flustered response marked the genesis of an iconic meme that continues to persist.

Leading up to UFC 300, White has been making regular announcements, even entertaining suggestions for unconventional fights, like one proposed between him and Joe Rogan.


While he took the jest in stride, he soon found himself inundated with more comments referencing the infamous “oil” request, often targeting his “shiny noggin.” Over time, White has seemingly embraced the joke.


Although the origins of the “oil” comments may have hinted at something risqué, the meme has since taken on a different connotation. Fans now use it as a tongue-in-cheek way to express dissatisfaction with White’s decisions or actions.

A notable instance occurred when fans threatened to “oil up” White after he announced a fight that wasn’t well-received. In response, White adjusted the card, placating the fans and temporarily defusing the situation.

Fans Chanting “Oil Me Up” at UFC 297 Press Conference

Recently, the meme transcended the digital realm and manifested during a UFC 297 press conference, with fans chanting “Oil me up” during fighter faceoffs. Despite the uproar, White remained composed, choosing not to acknowledge the chants.


While White has shown a distaste for fans’ mischievous comments in the past, it seems the “oil” jokes will persist. Interestingly, fans have drawn parallels between White and the Baron Harkonnen character from “Dune” (2021), further cementing the meme’s place in UFC culture.

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