What is PGMOL in the Premier League, head referee and full form meaning

What is PGMOL in the Premier League, head referee and full form meaning

PGMOL (full form Professional Game Match Officials Limited) acknowledged that a “significant human error” had led to Diaz’s first-half goal being incorrectly overturned

The PGMOL, which oversees referees in the Premier League, has admitted that Luis Diaz’s goal against Tottenham should have stood.

Explained what is PGMOL in the Premier League, head referee and full form meaning

The on-field officials ruled Diaz’s first-half goal offside with Liverpool down a man and the score locked at 0-0. VAR did not overturn the call after a brief review during which no lines could be seen on the replays.

However, after the game, which Tottenham won 2-1, the refereeing organisation PGMOL said the decision was a “clear and obvious factual error” and that a thorough investigation will be done, as per a report by Sky Sports. 


PGMOL has been discussed extensively during football games, but not for the correct reasons. Take an example of last night’s match between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspurs and now fans are outraged. Here is all you need to know.

What is PGMOL?

In English football, the PGMOL is the governing body in charge of match officials. Originally known as the Professional Game Match Officials Board (PGMOB), it was established in 2001.

The Premier League, EFL, and FA competitions entrust PGMOL with the responsibility of training, promoting, and selecting match officials. Each of those groups has provided funding for it.

Who is in charge of the PGMOL currently?

The board currently has Howard Webb as its representative. He was formerly a FIFA official. He refereed in the Premier League for 11 years, from 2003 to 2014, including the 2010 World Cup final, before taking over as Chief Refereeing Officer earlier this season.

He has worked in the US and Canada for the past few years, and one of his main interests is how technology is used in the Premier League. He was in charge of the MLS’s VAR rollout.


How does PGMOL work in Premier League?

Which referees, assistant referees, and VAR officials work on each game is up to PGMOL and every official involved in the each game of the EPL is selected by it, namely, Select Group.

Select Group 1 referees and assistant referees typically officiate Premier League games, whereas Select Group 2 referees and assistant referees typically officiate Championship games. A former senior referee is assigned to each match to review the choices made using match footage and event data, allowing for a season-long evaluation of the Select Group officials’ performance.

Former players and managers who served as match delegates evaluate the referees’ decisions in light of their capacity to control the game. PGMOL is able to determine which of its officials is superior to others based on the assessments given by the assessors and delegates. The decisions about the officials chosen for each game follow from that.

Can clubs communicate of PGMOL?

It makes sense that clubs and their followers would be upset if they believed the match referees had missed an important decision. In some cases, clubs will submit formal complaints to PGMOL if they believe they have been the subject of a bad judgement.