What is Kaiber AI, how to download, price and free alternative to create photos

What is Kaiber AI, how to download, price and free alternative to create photos

Know how to download Kaiber AI and its free alternative

Video content has become an integral part of our digital landscape, captivating audiences and conveying messages effectively. 

Kaiber AI is a powerful tool that harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to simplify and automate the process of video creation.

What is Kaiber AI, how to download and use, price and free alternative to create photos

Recently, most social media platform users have been obsessing over creative video trends. In this article, we will explore how Kaiber AI can revolutionise your video production workflow, enabling you to create compelling videos effortlessly. But first, allow us to explain what Kaiber AI is.

What Is Kaiber AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an invaluable tool in various fields. It aids in empowering individuals and businesses to automate tasks, analyse data, and make informed decisions. 

Amid the growing craze, Kaiber AI has been a popular choice, offering robust AI capabilities. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to generate or enhance videos, offering features like video editing, special effects, filters, or automated video creation.

Anyone who seeks to quickly generate high-quality videos will find it to be an incredible tool. It is a user-friendly app that is quick, simple, and fun to use. To use it, you don’t need any technical expertise or prior knowledge. All you need is your imagination and ingenuity.


Kaiber AI offers creative expression tools for musicians like Spotify Canvas, sources of inspiration for artists, content for producers, and entertainment for futurists. Additionally, it continues to work and includes new features that its users request! It recently released a tool where you can quickly edit your videos in addition to its trend function to create video art from photographs.

How Long Does the Video Creation Process Take?

If the videos are longer, it may take up to 30 seconds to create style previews, and several minutes or even hours for the finished videos. Kaiber AI is experimenting with ways to speed things up.

Kaiber AI can assist you in producing videos that are both engaging and realistic without the need for costly equipment, experienced actors, or elaborate sets. With Kaiser AI’s assistance, producing high-quality video material is simple. Music videos for artists like Linkin Park, Kid Cudi, Mike Shinoda, and others have all been produced using AI.

The AI powering Kaiber AI is remarkable and makes it simple for anyone to create beautiful visualisations using their own photos or textual descriptions. You can upload a song, select a theme and aesthetic, and then watch the production of your very own personalised music video. You can control the camera’s movements to give your movie more variation and make it longer. 

How to Use the Kaiber AI Video Editing Tool?

  • Go to the Kaiber AI website.
  • Click the option create, which is available in the top right corner, or scroll down to hit the option. 
  • The page will lead to the login option. Log in with your registered email address and start creating your video.
  • Upload initial files: You may start with an image, audio recording, or video of your own to breathe new life into existing content.
  • Direct your vision: You can specify your preferences or use the predefined prompts and styles that Kaiber AI has provided.
  • Change the settings: To suit your demands, adjust the width, height, and camera.
  • Choose your starting frame: Kaiber AI will offer four base images; select the one that best represents your mood.
  • Download the video: Show off your work by bringing it into the public eye.

Kaiber AI is it Free?

It was. All free user creations on KaiberAI have been temporarily disabled due to free trial abuse and fraudulent payment spamming.


Pricing for Kaiber AI

The Kaiber AI pricing choices are as follows:

Free (turned off momentarily): A free trial of Kaiber AI is available before purchasing a membership. The following are included in this selection:

  • 30 credits for approximately 30 seconds
  • With Kaiber watermark
  • Max 10-second videos
  • Prompt-to-video
  • Upload images
  • Any aspect ratio
  • Default boomerang videos
  • Upscale 1080p and 4K

The Pro Plan: $10/mo

  • $120 billed annually for 12,000 credits upfront
  • Credits roll over every month
  • 4-minute videos
  • Transform (video-to-video)
  • Prompt-to-video
  • No Kaiber watermark
  • Upload images and audio
  • Select camera movements
  • Any aspect ratio
  • Upscale 1080p and 4K

However, there are various Kaiber AI options to test if you don’t want to pay.

Kaiber AI alternatives, both free and paid

Check Out Some Of The Kaiber AI Options- Both Free And Paid:

  • Loopsie: This programme can produce results that are nearly identical to those of Kaiber AI.
  • StoryZ
  • Disflow 
  • Enlight Pixaloop

Free Kaiber AI-Style Video Alternatives

  • A powerful PC,
  • Pyton,
  • Stable Diffusion,
  • Deforum Automatic 1111, and
  • Hundreds of tries.

Kaiber AI provides a powerful and intuitive platform for automating video production processes. By leveraging its AI capabilities, you can streamline your video editing workflow, save time, and create captivating videos effortlessly. From automated editing and scene detection to AI-driven visual effects, voiceover generation, and intelligent music selection, Kaiber AI offers a range of features that can enhance the quality and appeal of your videos. 

Embrace the power of Kaiber AI and unlock new possibilities in video creation, allowing you to focus on storytelling and engaging your audience effectively.


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