What is happening on April 24th as TikTok trend original video goes viral in 2023

What is happening on April 24th as TikTok trend original video goes viral in 2023

TikTok Trend: There has been a sudden uptick in views on the practise of TikTokers spreading fake information about the dreaded day of April 24th, 2023, but what is this all about?

In the sea of content that is social media, trends increasingly rise to the top. Some of them are funny, but others have been criticised for being hazardous.

The Blackout challenge, the Devious Link trend, the Magnet challenge, and many more are just some of the examples of current viral phenomena included in this compilation. The April 24 trend is the most recent addition.

Explained what is happening on April 24th as TikTok trend original video goes viral in 2023

The April 24 TikTok fad is harmful because it normalises sexual assault. In 2021, when people first started celebrating the day as National Rape Day, they began receiving responses. This is not an official holiday or a national celebration. Then there’s the fact that it’s being mocked by a wide audience online.

Exactly where the April 24th hoax started spreading is unknown. It didn’t take long, though, until others joined in with their own comments and reaction films. Despite attempts to downplay the seriousness of the trend, additional resources are being made available to ensure the safety of women and others.

In 2023, when individuals are once again trying to bring attention to the issue, the fad is experiencing a resurgence on TikTok.


Users are sounding the alarm about the craze on TikTok

Videos have been made to spread the word about the scary fake news. In the words of one user, “Buy your straps ladies!! Call someone with a strap if needed!! I’m on stand by if anyone needs help this is my birthday month and this is sick!!”

And another voice chimed in, “April 24th..the person who started this needs to be found and put away, whoever’s is doing this is in major trouble, its freaking me and others out.”

No such day exists, to be clear. This is an intentionally misleading video meant to garner attention. Since April is Sexual Health Awareness Month, the offensive video deliberately released on this date. Any videos on this subject that make you feel uneasy should be reported. No official allegations of violence connected to the fake national day have surfaced since it debuted in 2021.



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