What is Blue Monday 2023, its meaning, date, mental health symptoms

What is Blue Monday 2023, its meaning, date, mental health symptoms

Now that the festivities of Christmas 2022 and New Year’s 2023 are past, we must endure the dreary months of January and specially Blue Monday, know its meaning and date

Unless you’re planning on spending time in the winter sun, January is a rather quiet month compared to the festivities of December, when friends and family gather for dinner and celebrations.

Blue Monday, also known as the “worst day of the year,” typically occurs in the middle of January. The most melancholy and gloomy day of the year is traditionally December 21. But does Blue Monday exist? And if you’ve been feeling down this month, what can help? Everything you need to know is listed here.

What is Blue Monday 2023, its meaning, date

The month of December sets a standard that is nearly impossible to meet in the succeeding eleven months. It’s a shame that January always has to deal with this situation every year. Due to the post-Christmas letdown and the cold, dark evenings, this month might feel like an absolute grind. As the feeling implies, Blue Monday is intended to be the low point of the week.


However, despite widespread acceptance of Blue Monday’s reality, no scientific proof supports the concept. It actually started as a publicity stunt.

In 2004, vacation company Sky Travel requested psychologist Cliff Arnall to come up with a solution for the January blahs, and thus the concept of Blue Monday was born. The broad acceptance of the myth has been criticised by persons with mental health issues who say the day is harmful to their wellbeing because it can generate anxiety.

When does the next Blue Monday occur?

Consistently occurring on the third Monday of January, this year’s version will be observed on January 16th. On the other hand, it need not be a gloomy day.

Samaritans, a suicide prevention organisation, has dubbed today “Brew Monday,” feeling people to check in with loved ones and coworkers over a hot beverage to see if they’re doing okay and offer support if they need it.


All of us, according to the Samaritans, have good days and terrible days; the calendar has no bearing on how we feel. As an added bonus, the article claims that you may implement its Brew Monday concept anytime of the year, not just today or in the month of January.

What are the symptoms of Blue Monday?

The January blues are real, but Blue Monday is a fantasy. Approximately two million people in the UK suffer from a medical ailment called Seasonal Affective Disorder, which can make the inevitable letdown after the holiday highs of Christmas and New Year’s even more difficult to bear (SAD). There are a number of symptoms associated with SAD:

  • Depression
  • Restlessness
  • Sleepless night
  • Lethargy
  • Overeating
  • Irritability
  • Withdrawn

However, there are a few basic actions you may take to get you through the bad patches. An individual who is having serious difficulties with their mental health should seek the counsel mental health expert.

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