What is a strategic timeout in IPL 2023, rules, meaning, overs and sponsor

What is a strategic timeout in IPL 2023, rules, meaning, overs and sponsor

With the IPL 2023 season well underway, find out what are IPL strategic timeouts, strategic timeout rules for Indian Premier League 2023, new impact player rule explained and the timeout sponsor

Ever since its first season in 2008, the IPL has always led in creating innovations in cricket.

What is a strategic timeout in IPL 2023, rules, meaning, overs, sponsor

The IPL 2023 season features a new rule called the impact player rule, which is slightly different from the introduction of substitutes introduced in rival domestic T20 tournaments.


What are IPL strategic timeouts?

The sponsor for the IPL 2023 timeout is CEAT who paid Rs.30 crore for the rights.

The strategic timeouts in IPL are short periods during a match where teams get to reassess their tactics depending on the state of play at the time. It also gives broadcasters the chance display some more advertisements and boost their revenue.

IPL strategic timeout rules for 2023 season

Given below are the different timeout rules for every team in the IPL 2023 season:

  • Every team gets only one strategic timeout per innings
  • Bowling teams can use their strategic timeout any time between the sixth and ninth overs of the innings, as decided by the fielding captain
  • Batting teams can use their strategic timeout between the 13th and 16th overs of the innings
  • Every timeout lasts for three minutes

IPL 2023 Impact players

The impact player rule is a newly introduced rule for the 2023 season. The rule allows teams to substitute one player for another from the bench for the rest of the match.

Ahead of the tournament auction, the IPL revealed an impact player rule would be introduced for the new campaign in an announcement:

“This will add a new tactical, strategic dimension to the game. A number of team sports allow teams to make tactical substitutes i.e., football, rugby, basketball, baseball. The substitute is allowed to perform or participate like any other regular player.”

Impact players rule in IPL explained

Given below are the various conditions for each team when using the impact player rule:

  • Teams can choose the impact substitute only from a list of four players confirmed before the toss
  • Substitutions can happen in four occasions – before the start of an innings, at the end of the over, at the fall of a wicket, or when a batter retires
  • A substituted player can no longer take part in the match one replaced
  • Teams can replace a player who has already bowled or batted, and the substitute will get their full quota of overs and bat
  • If a substitute replaces another player who has already bowled or batted, someone else is unable to bat
  • Teams can field a maximum of four overseas players per match, this means that if teams have four overseas players in the starting XI, the replacement player must be Indian

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