What Does The Future Look Like For The Chelsea Football Club In The 2022-2023 Season

What Does The Future Look Like For The Chelsea Football Club In The 2022-2023 Season

Chelsea is one of the biggest and most popular clubs in the Premier League, know about the club’s future, owner and sponsors

The English football league brings in billions of viewers and enjoys a die-hard fan base who love cheering for their favorite teams. The teams in the league are preparing for the new season that will start in August and Chelsea is no different.

If you want to bet on your favorite team this season, go to www.novibet.ie and try out your luck. If you are a Chelsea fan, things are not looking so great. Today we will be talking about the ongoing situation surrounding the Blues and what their future looks like.

What Does The Future Look Like For The Chelsea Football Club In The 2022-2023 Football Season

Amid Russian Invasion of Ukraine

After the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the world has taken a stance against the unjustified action of the country by banning Russian teams from many events and sports. Major companies like EASports and Disney have banned their games and movies in Russia to show their support for Ukraine.

Amidst all this tension, Chelsea has found themselves in a tough spot. The club is owned by a Russian billionaire and the British government has recently imposed sanctions on him. This directly affects the state which is now in upheaval and confusion.

Ownership Issues

Before the British government imposed sanctions on the 55-year old Russian oligarch and owner of Chelsea, there was news of a transfer of ownership. Roman Abramovich must have expected the difficulties and decided to sell the club before things took a turn for the worst.


However, the 3.9 billion dollar sale was stopped by the government as they began taking action against the owner. They also froze his British assets and imposed travel bans on him. Roman Abramovich is said to support Ukraine during this tough time.

However, this is not enough. A British document has highlighted that Abramovich had a close relationship with Russian President Putin which is reason enough to impose sanctions on him.

Special Agreement

Despite all the confusion, the government has decided to not stop Chelsea from playing. They have prepared a special agreement which is said to be constantly under review. According to this, Chelsea can take part in the league and play matches however they will have to abide by some rules.

The club’s expenses budget including security and preparation for home games has been capped at 500,000 dollars and they have been stopped from selling any tickets to games or merchandise of any kind.


We believe these restrictions aim to ensure the owner does not profit from the club. The agreement also includes the fact that Abramovich won’t make any profits if the club is sold. This is a heavy blow since he has been the owner since 2003.

Chelsea’s Sponsors

It’s no wonder that companies and partners will protect their shares and show a stance against Russia by distancing themselves from any Russian allies. Since Chelsea’s owner is considered a Russian ally, many major companies, and sponsors are reevaluating their deals with the club.

Recently, the British telecommunication network Three which was a major Chelsea sponsor announced that they will be suspending their contract with the club. Since the political situation is not looking to improve any time soon we may see more partners and sponsors leave the club’s side.

Final Thoughts

Although Chelsea is in a tough spot right now it still has a loyal fanbase and dedicated support. As of now, the club’s prospects are not looking good, we can expect this to change. Abramovich is already under a lot of pressure to sell the club and after the sale goes through, the government may remove the restrictions from the club.

It might still take time before the club comes back to life but this rebirth might be just what the club needed after years of bad performances and losses at major events.


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