Watch Yasmine Lopez baby mama of Christian Wood jumps over his fence and vandalizes his car, video goes viral

Watch Yasmine Lopez baby mama of Christian Wood jumps over his fence and vandalizes his car, video goes viral

LA Lakers player Christian Wood, already sidelined for a week due to a knee injury, has become embroiled in a family dispute making headlines as a video of his baby mama Yasmine Lopez trashing his car went viral

In an exclusive video posted on “The Neighborhood Talk” Instagram account, Yasmine Lopez was captured vandalizing Wood’s car on his property.

Yasmine Lopez baby mama of Christian Wood jumps over his fence and vandalizes his Mercedes car, video goes viral

The footage showed Lopez scaling Christian Wood’s house fencing before scratching the hood of his Mercedes-Benz. Subsequently, reports indicate that Lopez was arrested by the police.

Christian Wood’s Sister Reveal What Happened

Wood’s sister, who was present at the time of the incident, shared her perspective on social media. She asserted that she had been with her brother throughout the night and claimed that Lopez, along with three friends, had trespassed onto their property, vandalizing the car.

According to her, the neighbors alerted the police, resulting in Lopez’s arrest. Wood’s sister also addressed claims made by Baddies East star Tee Kissen, stating that Christian Wood had threatened her with a shovel.


She clarified that Wood was merely attempting to move the shovel from Tee’s door. Following Lopez’s arrest, Wood and his sister went to Tee’s house to retrieve Wood’s son.

Wood’s sister explained that they refrained from calling Child Protective Services (CPS) to avoid involving them in the domestic dispute. She urged social media users not to tarnish her brother’s character, emphasizing that he was only trying to locate his son.

The saga between Christian Wood and Yasmine Lopez continued to unfold. After Lopez’s arrest, Wood sought to locate his son. Wood’s sister revealed that one of Lopez’s friends had provided them with Tee Kissen’s address, where Wood’s son was being babysat.


In a video recorded by Tee Kissen, Wood was seen holding a shovel in front of her door. Tee commented on the shovel, saying, “You want to beat me with a shovel?”

Tee asserted on social media that Lopez, her friend, had asked her to babysit and invited her to dinner. However, Wood arrived at the house demanding his son. Tee, claiming she had never met Wood, refused to hand over the child.


She stated that Wood called the police, and even after confirming the child’s safety, he did not leave. Tee alleged that Wood threatened her with the shovel, quoting him as saying, “Ima see you around I know who you are” and “Should stayed out of it.”

The text messages exchanged between Wood and Tee were revealed to the public, portraying Wood’s messages to Tee.

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