Watch video of Hulk Hogan choking Richard Belzer on live TV goes viral

Watch video of Hulk Hogan choking Richard Belzer on live TV goes viral

Richard Belzer, a well-liked actor, died on February 19, 2023 with a video of him and Hulk Hogan now viral

He was known for his great work in TV, movies, and comedies.

Belzer was a well-known person in Hollywood. He was best known for playing Detective John Munch for 15 years on the popular TV show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Fans, friends, and coworkers are all sad about Belzer’s death. Many of them have taken to social media to share their condolences and pay tribute to the late actor. As people around the world think about Belzer’s life and career, many remember an event from his past that happened during a live TV show in 1985.

Video of Hulk Hogan choking Richard Belzer on live TV goes viral

On March 27, 1985, Richard Belzer was the host of Hot Properties, a show that featured interviews with famous people and news about the entertainment world. Hulk Hogan was a guest on the show to talk about WrestleMania, which was coming up soon.

Belzer is known for his dry sense of humour and wit, so he decided to test his interviewing skills by asking Hogan to show him one of his wrestling moves.


Hogan was hesitant at first because he didn’t want to be seen as agreeing with the idea that wrestling was fake. But after some convincing, Hogan gave in and did one of his most famous moves on Belzer. He put the TV host in a front chin lock. Which is done by putting one’s arm around the opponent’s neck and squeezing so hard that the opponent can’t breathe.

Belzer passed out in Hogan’s arms, which shocked the crowd. The producers of the show cut quickly to a commercial break, and when they came back, Belzer was not there. Later, it was found out that Belzer had gotten a small cut and was taken to the hospital to get treated.


Richard Belzer sued Hulk Hogan

After what happened, Belzer is said to have sued Hogan, Mr. T, Vince McMahon, and WWE. In the end, the two sides settled out of court for $400,000. Belzer used some of the money he got to help pay for a house for his family in France. Which he jokingly called “Chez Hogan.”


Richard Belzer was well-liked in Hollywood, where he was known for his wit, humour, and acting skills. His death has left a hole in the entertainment world. And his fans, friends, and coworkers will miss him very much.

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