Watch UFC fighter Marvin Vettori beats up rapper Omar Nguale in Allianz Cloud, video goes viral

Watch UFC fighter Marvin Vettori beats up rapper Omar Nguale in Allianz Cloud, video goes viral

As the UFC fighter Marvin Vettori slams rapper Omar Nguale, the audience at a DAZN boxing match in Italy degenerates into chaos with their fight video viral

A rapper in the crowd got into a fight with UFC middleweight Marvin Vettori in Milan during a DAZN boxing match, according to sources. The Italian Dream was present at the Allianz Cloud on Saturday night to watch fellow countryman Ivan Zucco go up against Germaine Brown in an attempt to defend his WBC International super middleweight belt.

However, he allegedly got into a fight with boxer and rapper Omar Nguale Ilunga after they had a heated argument with Tony Effe, a friend of Vettori’s.

UFC fighter Marvin Vettori beats up rapper and boxer Omar Nguale in Allianz Cloud, video goes viral

The brawl led to chaos

Senior Italian MMA writer Al Zullino said that after the two started arguing, a large brawl rapidly broke out. A man who appeared to be Vettori was seen on the periphery of the fight in video footage taken from the audience of the altercation.


Ilunga was shoved in his direction, but before the rapper hit the ground, Vettori appeared to strike him repeatedly with hammer blows. Security ultimately intervened to control the situation, but they weren’t quick enough to halt the initial trading of punches.


Vettori just won a fight earlier this month.

Vettori, a 29-year-old former middleweight championship contender, competed earlier this month at UFC 286 in London. On the main card of Leon Edwards’ trilogy bout with Kamaru Usman, the Kings MMA ace squared off against the on-the-rise Roman Dolidze.

Despite the fact that many spectators at The O2 believed he had lost the fight, he was able to get back on the winning side of the ledger with a unanimous decision victory against the Georgian.


“That was good,” Vettori stated of his performance. Since his mother went on to see him compete in the UFC for the first time he was bound to win in front of her. He further said that he keeps getting better, and he is pleased with all of the kicking that night. Since he was winning the column once more, he warned everyone not to overlook him.


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