Watch “Stupid a*s m*therf*ker,” Nate Diaz rips into reporter Derek from Betr Media, video goes viral

Watch “Stupid a*s m*therf*ker,” Nate Diaz rips into reporter Derek from Betr Media, video goes viral

After Derek posed an idiotic question to Nate Diaz after which he lost his cool and gave a furious reply with the video of the two bickering viral

In order to promote their upcoming fight in August, Jake Paul and Nate Diaz had their first face-to-face encounter on Tuesday during a press conference in Dallas. However, the event took an unexpected turn when amidst the questions from the media, an unexpected challenge was thrown at Nick Diaz by a member of Paul’s media team.

Nate Diaz rips into reporter Derek from Betr Media after he talks about fighting his brother Nick, video goes viral

The drama started when a journalist from Jake Paul’s media team posed a very rude question to Nick Diaz. Infuriated Diaz can’t handle his anger and expressed honestly what he thinks about him in the same way.

To cool down the matter, Jake Paul criticized the journalist for posing such an idiotic question and fired him instantly in between the press conference. Since then, the matter has become the talk of the town with many people trying to find out what actually happened during the press conference. So, here’s what we know about it:

How this journalist vs Nate Diaz started at the press conference?

The journalist named Derek Sullivan, who claimed to be a boxer, boasted his boxing skills and asked Nate if he thought he could beat Nick in utterly bad taste. He said,


Hey Nate, I’ve been trying to get on this undercard. Do you think I could fight your brother, Nick? If he’s anything like you, I think I’d beat his f*ing ass.

Nate, unimpressed by the disrespectful callout, swiftly fired back,

You know my homeboys can see you right now? That was stupid, huh? That was stupid.

Curious about the reporter’s identity, Nate inquired,

What’s your name?

Upon learning the reporter’s name, a frustrated Diaz responded,


Hey, Derek from Betr Media, you’re a stupid a** motherf****r. What the f**k? You deserve to have your ass whipped.

Jake Paul, recognizing the inappropriate behavior of his media team member, intervened promptly, apologized to Nate, and promised to fire the reporter later. He said,

He works for my company. I’ll handle that later. I’ll fire him later. I’m sorry about that, Nate. Derek, shut up, shut up.

Derek, realizing his mistake, humbly apologized for what he said.


The exchange quickly rose to the top of the press conference’s most shared moments as fight fans couldn’t help but comment on the odd occurrence, with many making fun of Derek’s boldness.

Given Nate’s apparent lack of interest in participating, some people theorized that it may have been a scripted act by the Paul camp. Nevertheless, another set of individuals said that it was done to heighten the suspense around the impending battle.

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