Watch: Steph and Ayesha Curry Are Headed For Divorce Claims Tiktoker Who Saw Them Fighting

Watch: Steph and Ayesha Curry Are Headed For Divorce Claims Tiktoker Who Saw Them Fighting

The person who claims to have been an intern at a law firm talked about how Steph and Ayesha Curry were squabbling 

Controversy is refusing to leave the side of the Curry family at the moment.

After the bruhaha over Dell and Sonya Curry’s divorce as things got ugly and intimate details showed how things had gone awry in the family, a fresh rumour has started doing the rounds. This doesn’t involve Dell and Sonya though but Steph and his wife Ayesha Curry with a person on TikTok claiming that the two were on the verge on divorce.


Tiktoker Claims Steph And Sonya Curry Are Headed For Divorce

The Tiktoker who took to the platform to talk about the two claimed that she had interned at a law firm, one which was known to have high profile athletes and celebrities as its clients. She went onto elaborate how both Steph and Ayesha were involved in a heated fracas the the lawyer’s office after the player’s wife was adamant on opening a new furniture line.

While the Tiktoker didn’t mention Steph and Ayesha’s names, she went onto dwell about how the NBA player had told his wife that she already had a cooking show. The Tiktoker also called the player a devout husband, enough hints to allude towards her talking about the Curry family.


Steph is said to have blocked Ayesha’s attempts to venture into the furniture line with him claiming it wasn’t the right time to go ahead with the move. The video of the claims can be viewed here.

While the veracity of the claims isn’t ascertained, this would be a further blow to the Curry’s if true. Dell and Sonya had previously this year announced their split with it emerging that Dell and Sonya had both accused each other of cheating.


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