Watch rapper NLE Choppa allegedly presses N3on and Sneako, denies after video goes viral

Watch rapper NLE Choppa allegedly presses N3on and Sneako, denies after video goes viral

A video of Sneako, N3on and NLE Choppa has gone viral

Following his recent encounter with Ragnesh “N3on,” American rapper NLE Choppa addressed the situation on February 2, 2024

Rapper NLE Choppa allegedly presses N3on and Sneako, denies after video goes viral

During a livestream, NLE Choppa claimed that the Kick streamer’s actions disrupted one of his shows, leading to its cancellation. The rapper asserted that he was owed money and suggested the streamer settle the debt.

NLE Choppa Clarified ‘He Was Joking’

NLE Choppa later clarified in a tweet on February 5 that he was joking about being owed money and emphasized that he is not a bully.


In his tweet, NLE Choppa wrote “N3on tell yo fans I ain’t pull a Drako on you nor did I press you. I told neon he owes me money jokingly and even he knew I was joking with him. I don’t even press people of neon stature I’m not a bully. Neon could slap me and I wouldn’t even hit him back. Y’all trippin.”

The tweet gained attention on social media, with various reactions from users. Some believed NLE Choppa yielded to the streamer, while others suggested he should publicly apologize.

Meanwhile, questions arose about NLE Choppa’s response if N3on were to physically confront him. Ragnesh, a prominent Just Chatting and IRL streamer on Kick, holds a significant following and previously made headlines regarding rumors about his relationship on January 28, 2024.

What Exactly Happened?


Regarding the recent altercation between N3on and NLE Choppa, it unfolded when N3on and Sneako visited a studio for an on-stream session with the rapper.

Despite an initially smooth interaction, things took a controversial turn when Choppa allegedly made remarks that soured the atmosphere, leading to the stream’s disruption.

A clip of the incident circulated online, sparking viral allegations against Choppa. In response to the situation, NLE Choppa pointed fingers at the streamers, blaming them for derailing his performance by attracting unwanted attention to the location.

He claimed that their actions led to the cancellation of the show, resulting in financial loss for him. Although no footage showed the alleged confrontation, updates on X/Twitter suggested that tensions escalated to the point where Sneako and N3on felt compelled to leave due to safety concerns, including reports of firearms being brandished.


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