Watch Ram Ganesh Tewar died immediately after hitting six in Mumbai, video of man playing cricket goes viral

Watch Ram Ganesh Tewar died immediately after hitting six in Mumbai, video of man playing cricket goes viral

The man who died immediately after hitting a six has been named as Ram Ganesh Tewar with his video now viral

In a tragic turn of events, a man succumbed to a cardiac arrest while participating in a cricket match in Mumbai.

The incident unfolded during a game organized by a company at a farmhouse in Mumbai’s Kashmira area, where 42-year-old Ram Ganesh Tewar was batting.

Ram Ganesh Tewar died immediately after hitting six in Mumbai, video of man playing cricket goes viral

Caught on camera, the footage depicts Tewar collapsing to the ground shortly after hitting a six and preparing to face the next delivery.

Swiftly, his colleagues rushed him to a nearby hospital, but sadly, doctors pronounced him dead upon arrival, attributing his demise to a sudden heart attack that claimed his life within moments.

What Did the Video Shows?

Tewar met his tragic end while playing cricket in the suburb of Mira Road, situated to the north of Mumbai. Video footage captures the poignant moment as he confidently hits a perfect six, adorned in a pink vest, before returning to his position at the wicket.


In a sudden and heartbreaking turn, Tewar collapses to the ground, prompting dozens of his fellow players to rush to his aid, though their efforts prove futile. Local authorities are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding his untimely death.

For the unfamiliar, the city of Mumbai has witnessed a surge in cases of heatstroke in recent weeks, mirroring a nationwide trend of soaring temperatures.

Maharashtra Heat Stroke Case’s Update 

Maharashtra, the state encompassing Mumbai, has reported a significant number of heatstroke cases 276 in March, April, and May of this year alone, though thankfully, no fatalities have been recorded thus far.

Dr. Divya Gopal from HN Reliance Hospital in Mumbai emphasized the persistent impact of heat on young office-goers in the 20-45 age group, particularly as the region transitions into the monsoon season.

Last April, Maharashtra experienced a tragic incident where 12 individuals succumbed to heatstroke, with many more hospitalized after attending an outdoor awards ceremony held under scorching conditions.


Government officials described the incident as “unexpected and painful,” announcing compensation of 500,000 rupees (£4,733) for each bereaved family.

Similar Incidents

This tragedy recalls a similar occurrence earlier in the year, when a 36-year-old engineer named Vikas Negi suffered a fatal heart attack while engaged in a cricket match in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

On January 6, Negi collapsed on the pitch while attempting a single during the game in Noida’s Sector 135. Despite efforts to save him, he was declared dead upon reaching the hospital.

The viral video circulating on social media platforms captured the poignant moment when Negi, positioned at the non-striker’s end, fell during his run.


The clip shows the wicketkeeper and fellow players rushing to his aid as the gravity of the situation unfolded on the cricket field.

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