Watch “No f*cking power,” Arjun Maini’s heartbreaking radio message following engine issues goes viral

Watch “No f*cking power,” Arjun Maini’s heartbreaking radio message following engine issues goes viral

Have a look at the story of Arjun Maini’s heartbreaking radio message which went viral following his frustration over engine issues 

This season, Indian racer Arjun Maini will strengthen the Haupt Racing Team’s (HRT) competitive lineup in the Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe Pro Cup.

Jusuf Owega of Germany and Michele Beretta of Italy partner up with Maini in this year’s fiercely tough competition. For his third year with HRT, the Mercedes-AMG driver is returning to the DTM after a great season at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife, ADAC GT Masters, and Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe.

Arjun Maini’s story after heartbreaking radio message following engine issues goes viral

Meanwhile, there is a viral video of Maini which every racing fan heard unless you’re living under the rock. Maini was complaining about an extreme loss of power.

As he indicated, Maini was frustrated by what he perceived to be a persistent lack of engine power, which led to his radio outburst after the F2 Sprint Race in France. The driver on the team Radio said, after the race:


“I swear you guys don’t support me at all. I do everything every ****ing session!

He continued:

You can’t do this to me, mate! I have no ****ing power out of the corner, why doesn’t anybody ****ing believe me?”

Almost three tenths slower than his Trident teammate Santino Ferrucci, the Indian driver qualified in the 17th position.


Subsequently, he concluded in 10th place in the Feature Race, trailing the victor George Russell by more than 90 seconds, and in 13th place in the Sprint Race, a full 59 seconds behind this time.

Meanwhile, following the race, Maini expressed his frustrations and said that his remarks were directed at the series organisers. He told Motor Sport outlet

All weekend we lost almost 7km/h down the straight, and we had a problem in free practice.

Arjun further explained that he was told to have “fixed the problem,” but in Race 1, Arjun lost his straightline speed once more. He needed to “check the data,” but in Race 2, the Indian driver lost his straightline speed “again.”


He believed that a few other people experienced the same problem as him and “some of the engines are pulling like crazy.”

They say it’s a one-make championship but it’s not a one-make championship. It’s a joke, what’s going on in this championship right now.”