Watch “N**ga I got you,” Adin Ross uses N word on Kick live stream, video goes viral

Watch “N**ga I got you,” Adin Ross uses N word on Kick live stream, video goes viral

Adin Ross, a controversial internet personality and popular streamer, has once again found himself at the center of a heated controversy as a video of him using the N word viral

The streamer, known for his edgy content and provocative statements, has been accused of using a racial slur during his May 24 livestream.

Adin Ross uses racial slur N word on Kick live stream, video goes viral

Despite video evidence circulating on social media, Ross laughed off the claims and vehemently denied uttering the offensive word. This latest incident has reignited debates about Ross’s behavior and the consequences of his actions.

During his livestream on the Kick platform, where Ross hosted his e-dating show, he engaged in a conversation with a participant. As part of the show, the participant requested that Ross “spin” around to showcase his outfit. It was during this moment that Ross allegedly used the racial slur. The video capturing the supposed utterance quickly gained traction on social media, sparking intense discussions among viewers.


Almost immediately after learning that he was trending on social media due to the video, Ross and his friend, Rangesh ‘N3on’, began watching the footage. Upon seeing the actions of Ross, N3on exclaimed, “Jesus Christ, bro! You said it raw! Replay it.”

Adin Ross laughs off racial slur allegations

However, Ross denied using the racial slur and claimed he never said the ‘N-word’. In an attempt to clarify the situation, he tried to view the footage in slow motion but struggled to identify the necessary video control options. Rather than taking the allegations seriously, Ross seemed to find amusement in the situation and started laughing upon replaying the viral video.


The video clips shared from Ross’s May 24 stream garnered significant attention on social media platforms. Users on YouTube and other platforms engaged in lively discussions about whether or not Ross had indeed used the offensive term. Opinions were divided, with some viewers firmly believing that he had used the racial slur, while others suggested it might have been a misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

Commenters debate Adin Ross’s alleged use of racial slur

Commenters on the video expressed their views on the matter. One user emphatically stated, “He definitely said it.” Another commented, “I’m not a fan of Adin, and I honestly say you’re insane if you think he said the N-word and not mumbling umm emm yeah I gotchuu really fast.” Another commenter admitted to rewatching the video multiple times to understand where people thought the racial slur was uttered.

Meanwhile, Ross’s fans rallied behind him, asserting his innocence and downplaying the significance of the incident. One fan wrote, “He’s proven innocent,” suggesting that the accusations were baseless. Another supporter dismissed the incident as “just a word” and urged viewers to ignore what Ross said.


Adin Ross has been in controversies before

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Adin Ross has sparked controversy with offensive language. In the past, he was banned from Twitch after being overheard using a homophobic slur. This latest incident further adds to the growing list of controversies surrounding the internet personality, fueling debates about the acceptability of his behavior and the responsibility he bears as an influential figure.

People are talking a lot about Ross and how streamers should be responsible for their actions. When streamers have lots of followers, what they say and do matters a lot. The situation with Ross reminds us that they should use their platforms wisely and not say or do things that hurt others. We don’t know yet how Ross and the streaming community will handle this problem, but it shows that what we do online can have big and long-lasting effects on people and communities.

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