Watch new video of Brittney Griner’s heavy voice sparks debate over her real gender

Watch new video of Brittney Griner’s heavy voice sparks debate over her real gender

The recent release of Brittney Griner has surely been one of the most talked-about topics and after the most recent video, Griner’s voice and gender were once again questioned

For background, Griner was arrested in Russia after it was discovered that she was using vape cartridges that contained hashish oil, a type of marijuana. The WNBA player said that she did not know the laws of the nation. After that, the government imprisoned her and gave her a nearly ten-year prison sentence.

New video of Brittney Griner’s heavy voice sparks debate over her real gender and if she’s a transgender

Although Griner’s appeal was unsuccessful, her freedom was eventually obtained by the US government. The US replaced Griner with Viktor Bout, often known as “The Merchant of Death.”

Recently, a video of Griner grabbed attention

Griner has remained in the public eye for more than a year after her discharge. She just shared a video that she took while attending Baylor. In case you missed it, the prestigious university retired BG’s jersey number in recognition of her contributions to the school’s basketball legacy. She was heard and seen in the video praising Baylor’s supporters.


Her voice and, finally, her gender were called into question by the video. Some commenters on X argue that Griner’s voice is unusually deep for a woman, asking, “How can anyone believe that’s a woman?” There have been previous instances where Griner’s voice has been questioned. Griner’s deep voice also made news after an interview before her WNBA comeback.


Is Brittney Griner a woman or not?

In terms of biology, Brittney Griner is a woman. However, she is also a homos*xual, which clarifies the reason behind her union with attorney Cherelle Griner. BG also had a brief marriage to Glory Johnson before her.

Griner has talked about the difficulties she had as a homos*xual girl growing up, including her father’s harsh condemnation. She further stated that, because of her size and loud voice, she was frequently teased and never felt like she belonged with the other kids. But when Brittney came out to her, it was her mother Sandra who exhibited love and courage.


Griner has never publicly responded to these fan letters and viewpoints, and it doesn’t seem like that will change anytime soon. It goes into great detail about how Griner still faces difficult challenges in her later years.


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