Watch “Murderers,” Chelsea fans mock Liverpool with Hillsborough disaster chant, video goes viral

Watch “Murderers,” Chelsea fans mock Liverpool with Hillsborough disaster chant, video goes viral

During the Saturday afternoon meeting, Chelsea supporters chanted something at Liverpool fans that they didn’t like with the Hillsborough disaster chant video viral

A front-page headline in The Sun claimed that Liverpool fans were to blame for the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, which claimed the lives of 97 unwitting victims and was clearly heard by Chelsea supporters as they yelled “murderers.”

Others asserted that it was a reference to the Heysel Stadium disaster, which happened in May 1985 in Brussels, Belgium, when Juventus fans escaping a Liverpool fan breach were jammed up against a falling wall prior to the commencement of the Italian and English clubs’ 1985 European Cup Final. 600 individuals were hurt in the altercation, most of them Italians and Juventus supporters. The cries are the most recent instance of what the Liverpool supporters’ website The Anfield Wrap referred to as “terrace tragedy tennis” between the fanbases of English football’s two biggest rivals.

Chelsea fans mock Liverpool with brutal Hillsborough disaster chant, video goes viral

Brawl between fans of Liverpool and Chelsea

Hooligans from Liverpool and Chelsea also attempted to attack each other in front of a bar, as shown in a recently posted video on social media. Punches, bottles, and cans are thrown during the altercation outside The Thomas Frost – JD Wetherspoon on County Road, close to Stanley Park before it spills onto oncoming traffic.


According to reports, many police cars arrived on the scene after a group of guys showed up and got into an altercation with Chelsea supporters inside the venue.

Match highlights

Liverpool and Chelsea battled to a scoreless draw on a cold afternoon at Anfield, exposing both teams’ recent struggles. The game stalled out after Kai Havertz’s early score was called out for offside. The game-winning goal was not scored by either Liverpool or Chelsea. Mykhailo Mudryk made an impact off the bench after moving to Chelsea from Shakhtar Donetsk and had numerous opportunities to mark the occasion with a goal.


The two teams are still tied on points in the centre of the table, though. While Jurgen Klopp’s squad must be satisfied with snapping a two-game losing streak in the Premier League, Graham Potter’s club is presently on a run of six games away from home without a victory in the competition.


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