Watch Morocco Fans Riot In France, Belgium, Spain And Portugal, Clash With Police And Burn Public Property

Watch Morocco Fans Riot In France, Belgium, Spain And Portugal, Clash With Police And Burn Public Property

Nearly 98% of Moroccans identify as Muslims, and many of them are determined to make their country’s spectacular World Cup performance all about religion with videos of Morocco fans deciding to lose their marbles and riot in France and Belgium viral

A 14-year-old was killed as riots broke out last night in the French cities of Paris, Nice and Montpellier when Moroccans protest their country’s 2-0 loss to France at the FIFA World Cup semifinal match in Qatar as reports revealed that Morocco fans were trying to pull off a France flag from a car driven by a French man, and the driver in question performed a sudden U-turn and sped away ramming into the teenager.

Morocco Fans Riot In France, Belgium, Spain And Portugal, Clash With Police And Burn Public Property, Videos Go Viral

The riots extended to the Belgian capital, Brussels where the police arrested some 100 people from Wednesday night till the early hours of Thursday and mong the detained football fans on Wednesday night were people accused of disturbing public order, damaging two police vehicles and possessing illegal pyrotechnics.


Morocco upset well-favoured Portugal in the quarterfinal of the present FIFA World Cup in Qatar by a score of 1-0, setting up a semi-final matchup with the reigning champions France. Many people are trying to make it all about religion even though the incredible underdog tale of Morocco defeating some of the footballing heavyweights like Spain and Portugal has touched the hearts of football fans everywhere.

Mesut Ozil, a former Real Madrid and Arsenal player who won the 2014 World Cup, was the one spearheading the effort to make Morocco’s success all about Islam. He praised the Moroccan victory as a victory for the Muslim world.

Hatemonger Khaled Beydoun also expressed the success all about Islam.

Khaled Beydoun, who is well known for disseminating false information about India, attempted to capitalise on the Moroccan players’ success by asserting that this is a victory for all Muslims.

Khaled also decided to place a wager with French President Emmanuel Macron on behalf of Morocco that if Morocco wins the semifinal, Macron will lift the country’s ban on the hijab. It’s interesting to note that France’s team includes Muslim athletes like Dembele, Konate, and Fofana. Due to injury, many French Muslims, including players like Pogba and Kante, are not in Qatar.

Even many ardent admirers of Cristiano Ronaldo, a legendary Portuguese player, decided to rejoice in Portugal’s defeat since it was a triumph for the Ummah. Evidently, Pakistanis were driving the effort to make the Moroccan victory about the Ummah and try to share in the triumph because they had nothing to be proud of in their own country.


Riots after the Moroccan victory in European towns

The majority of major European towns today have a sizable Muslim population of North African ancestry as a result of Europe’s extensive acceptance of both legal and unauthorised refugees from North Africa throughout the years. Like the majority of his colleagues, even Moroccan star player Ziyech was born and raised in the Netherlands.

Huge protests broke out throughout Europe after Moroccan triumphs over Belgium and Spain, and the scenario was similar following Morocco’s victory over Portugal.

Following Morocco’s triumph over Portugal, riots broke out in Paris’ Champs-Elysees district as rioters allegedly committed acts of damage and police retaliated with tear gas. Intriguingly, France will be Morocco’s next World Cup opponent after they overcame England 2-1.

Why to drag religion into the World Cup?

Although Morocco’s performance in the tournament has been praised by supporters all around the world, many people making it about religion standard throughout this World Cup.

The stringent Islamic nation of Qatar has imposed its own religious ideals on all participants and spectators during the competition. Even though Budweiser is one of the major sponsors of the competition, they were able to prevent the European captains from donning rainbow armbands, prevent journalists from attending games in rainbow t-shirts, and forbid beer from being served in the stadiums.

Zakir Naik, an Indian fugitive and Islamic hate preacher, arrived in Qatar before the competition to convert as many spectators as he could. Even though Qatar later claimed that they had actually invited him, the only explanation for his presence during the competition remains.