Watch Michael Blackson Calls Out Ben Simmons For DMing His Fiancee Miss Rada

Watch Michael Blackson Calls Out Ben Simmons For DMing His Fiancee Miss Rada

According to Michael Blackson, it wouldn’t have been a huge issue if Ben Simmons had hit on one of his side girls, but hitting on his girlfriend is a major thing, thus their friendship is over

Blankson claims he was excellent friends with Ben Simmons and even introduced him to several of his female friends, but their friendship ended after Simmons hit on his girlfriend Miss Rada.

Michael Blackson had some unflattering words for his old pal in a recent sit-down interview with Shannon Sharpe on Club Shay Shay.

Michael Blackson Calls Out His Ex-Friend Ben Simmons For DMing His Fiancee Miss Rada

Who is Michael Blackson?

Michael Blackson is a comedian and Sixers enthusiast. We’ve undoubtedly seen him courtside at a Sixers game sporting the most outrageous clothes conceivable. On Shannon Sharpe’s podcast Club Shay Shay Monday, he shared the story of Ben Simmons sneaking into his fiance’s DMs while they were together.


Simmons, according to the 49-year-old comic, attempted to lay down some game on his fiancée while fully aware that they were together. It’s an impression Blackson has yet to forgive Simmons for.

“I heard Ben Simmons trying to holla at one of your girls, remarked Shannon Sharpe, the podcast’s presenter. Please do not holla at one of my chickens. It wouldn’t matter if this was one of my side girlfriends, but this person tried to holla at my fiancée,” Blackson said.

“The one you’re with right now? Sharpe inquired. Yes, Blackson confirmed. Did he not realize she was your fiancée?” Sharpe inquired, his gaze fixed on his visitor.

“He was dead certain,” Blackson stated. “He attempted to convince her that we weren’t pals. Wait a minute! Sharpe inquired, To attempt to demolish he refused your friendship?”

“He disputed our friendship; [Simmons] was like a homie to me. He reminded me of my tiny light-skinned sibling He saw her on social media with me, Blackson revealed. Do you know what? He hasn’t played basketball since he attempted to holla at my lady, has he?”


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