Watch man gets knocked out during Sunderland vs Luton Town fans fight, video goes viral

Watch man gets knocked out during Sunderland vs Luton Town fans fight, video goes viral

A video of a guy being knocked unconscious while Sunderland vs Luton Town fans fight and the Luton manager criticises a controversial penalty call against Sunderland has gone viral

Watch the video below.

The fighting starts with both sets of supporters pushing and shoving each other before a punch is thrown that appears to connect and knocks one down on the ground before they get back up.

He makes an effort to give it his all but is struck again and is knocked unconscious this time. This ends the battle as many nearby, including a few women, try to settle things down and check on the person’s well-being. The footage ends with him being helped up and walking off to seek assistance.


Man gets knocked out during Sunderland vs Luton Town fans fight, video goes viral

Sunderland wins over Luton town.

Amad Diallo, a substitute, scored a penalty in the 86th minute to win Sunderland the game and prevent promotion-seeking Luton Town from winning the Championship game for the fifth time in their previous six games.

After earning the penalty himself, Diallo comfortably buried his spot-kick in the top corner to deny the Hatters a 1-0 victory for the fourth time in a row. Alfie Doughty’s goal in the second half appeared to be enough to give Luton a victory that would have cut Sheffield United’s lead to four points. After a spirited late drive from the Black Cats, the outcome kept Tony Mowbray’s from suffering their sixth league-losing loss.


Luton manager criticises the awful penalty call against Sunderland

Rob Edwards, the manager of Luton, criticised the penalty call that allowed Sunderland to end his team’s hopes of earning an automatic promotion at the Stadium of Light. The Luton manager reportedly told as absolutely frustrating. He did not take away anything from Sunderland. In fact, he praised them as a talented team. However, he said when they were up 1-0 and the equaliser was scored the goal was the result of a poor call.


The manager even visited and chatted with the officials, and they gave him an explanation of their decision-making process and its justifications. Although they don’t have the advantage of replays or VAR to make the correct calls, these are important games, and that was a pivotal moment. That dramatically transformed the game’s dynamics since it had 30,000 supporters standing up and cheering for their team, and it also affected the players’ self-belief.


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