Watch Lebron James Smokes Hookah In Miami After Magic Win, Video Goes Viral

Watch Lebron James Smokes Hookah In Miami After Magic Win, Video Goes Viral

Forget a glass of wine or champagne. To commemorate Tuesday’s victory over the Magic, LeBron James chose to smoke a hookah with the video viral

The Lakers defeated the Magic 129-110.

The Los Angeles Lakers ended their disgraceful losing streak against the Orlando Magic on Tuesday by defeating them 129-110 after dropping four straight games. The Lakeshow was a complete success. With 14 points, including 4 for 10 from beyond the arc, Patrick Beverley had his greatest performance as a Laker.

Lebron James Smokes Hookah In Miami After Magic Win, Video Goes Viral

Russell Westbrook had a great game and added another incredible triple-double to his résumé as the Lakers dominated the boards, outrebounding the Magic 45-37. He equalled Detlef Schrempf for the most triple-doubles off the bench in NBA history by finishing the game with 15 points, 12 rebounds, and 13 assists (3).

Watch King James relaxing with a hookah sesh post-game.

James visited Barsecco in Miami in the hours following the Lakers’ 129-110 thrashing of Orlando in Florida, and you can see in the video we received from the popular bar that he relaxed from the big win by blowing some large clouds there.


The NBA player arrived at the location at roughly 1:37 AM on Wednesday, according to witnesses, but only remained long enough to smoke before leaving after around 15 minutes. He was wearing the same attire, a green and blue cardigan with a lot of bling on display, that he wore to his postgame press conference on Tuesday night, as you can see in the video.

Naturally, James had to leave the venue rather quickly because the Lakers will play the Heat again on Wednesday night at FTX Arena.


LeBron James’ stellar campaign thus far

LeBron James concluded the previous season by averaging over 30 points per game throughout the regular season, and he is off to a similar start this year. For the record, James has had a fantastic year in his 20th season, averaging 27.8 points, 8.1 rebounds, and 6.6 assists per game. However, despite his performance, the Lakers are still 14-20, which may call for the occasional smoke break on the road.

To be fair, LeBron’s level hasn’t been matched by the club, or at least not by all the guys. However, the contributions made in specific periods of the season by individuals like Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, or Austin Reaves merit at least a mention. No matter what, James and the support he has received thus far are insufficient for the team to be regarded as a playoff contender.



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