Watch Kick streamer SweaterGxd robbed by prostitute on livestream, video goes viral 

Watch Kick streamer SweaterGxd robbed by prostitute on livestream, video goes viral 

Popular Kick streamer, Sweatergxd, experienced a theft during a livestream in Los Angeles when a woman, whom he initially thought was a prostitute, took a set of gift cards from him as seen in a viral video

While cruising the streets with over 4,000 viewers, sweatergxd’s unconventional plan involved offering gift cards to women without verifying their balances, with the intention of engaging in intimate activities if they accepted.

Kick streamer SweaterGxd robbed by prostitute on livestream, video goes viral 

However, his scheme took an unexpected turn when a woman he approached checked the cards before swiftly snatching them and walking away.

Despite asking if she intended to take the cards, she denied it but proceeded to do so, uttering an expletive as she calmly departed. Sweatergxd, briefly stunned, unbuckled his seatbelt and opened the car door but quickly retreated after allegedly spotting what he believed to be a weapon. Commenting, “Wait nah, she has a gun.”

Following the theft, sweatergxd continued driving and approached two other women on the street who identified themselves as prostitutes. He explained that the gift cards were Christmas presents, but the women insisted on verifying the balance.


Unable to do so, they wished him a good night, and he drove off. It’s worth noting that sweatergxd had previously faced criticism on Kick for an incident where he took money from a tip jar at a restaurant to cover his order.

Who is SweaterGxd?

For those unfamiliar, SweaterGxd is a Kick streamer primarily engaged in IRL streams, notably recognized for his Stake gambling content. On November 23, during one of his streams, he combined gambling activities with driving around the streets of Los Angeles.


During the stream, SweaterGxd attended various sidecar shows on the streets, witnessing an unfortunate incident where an individual was struck by a car and suffered injuries.

Numerous viewers watching the IRL stream captured and shared moments from the car show. One specific clip depicting a person being hit by a car gained widespread attention after being reposted by popular influencer Fear Buck.

Fear Buck shared the clip originally sourced from Drama Alert’s X post, leading viewers to express shock and concern about the situation. One viewer even commented, “God save him.”


In this viral clip from his stream, the controversial Kick streamer SweaterGxd was present at a street sideshow in Los Angeles, showcasing automobile stunts.

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