Watch Jenna Ortega chooses Barcelona and Lionel Messi over Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo

Watch Jenna Ortega chooses Barcelona and Lionel Messi over Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo

Celebrities cheering on football is nothing new with a video of Jenna Ortega talking about Lionel Messi and Barcelona viral

Occasionally, after hearing mainstream celebrities favour one particular club over another, fans tend to react. A similar incident occurred when the recently famous actress Jenna Ortega did it.

Jenna Ortega’s “Wednesday” has broken all watch records.

Since “Wednesday,” Jenna Ortega’s most recent horror comedy show, became the newest sensation on Netflix, she has experienced enormous recognition. The 20-year-old has already starred in You and Jane the Virgin. However, Burton’s Wednesday has made her famous all over the world. The latest season of Stranger Things’ record for the most hours watched in a single week of any Netflix show was broken by “Wednesday”.

Jenna Ortega chooses Barcelona and Lionel Messi over Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo

Jenna prefers FC Barcelona over Real Madrid.

Since Jenna has such a large fan base, it goes without saying that they will follow her wherever she goes. A random Instagram user recently shared a video of Jenna declaring her preference for FC Barcelona over Real Madrid. And after watching that video, the internet erupted as usual. Because Real Madrid and Barcelona are two of the fiercest rivals, she unintentionally insulted Real Madrid supporters by selecting one of them.


Outraged Real Madrid fans threaten to boycott the Netflix program.

That post’s comments received a range of responses. Many comments adopted the most recent trend of using the “Women” meme. The comment box was flooded with several “women” messages that included an emoji of a cup of tea. Another fan’s witty wordplay referenced Barcelona’s participation in the Europa League by saying, “Her show is called Wednesday yet Barca play on Thursdays.”

However, many Barcelona supporters expressed their happiness by posting numerous “Visca El Barca” remarks. Real Madrid supporters were generally quite dissatisfied, whereas Barcelona supporters were in their element.

Jenna nearly quit acting to pursue as a footballer.

Jenna Ortega’s video went viral since it was an Instagram live during which she responded to a further query. When given the option to select between Messi and Ronaldo, she went with Messi. The Wednesday actress made a deliberate decision since, at one point, she was seen wearing a Barca shirt with Lionel Messi’s name on it in Camp Nou, Barcelona’s home stadium.

However, Jenna Ortega’s passion for football is not over just yet. She revealed while advertising her show Wednesday last year that she almost quit acting to pursue football. She further stated that she used to play as a forward or a midfielder. So, it is certain that Jenna Ortega does not support Barcelona and Leo Messi merely out of curiosity. She enjoys the game, the player and the club.



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