Watch “James Harrison gave me CTE,” Antonio Brown claims ex-teammate hit him with illegal helmet

Watch “James Harrison gave me CTE,” Antonio Brown claims ex-teammate hit him with illegal helmet

Antonio Brown accuses his former NFL teammate, James Harrison of inflicting CTE on him while donning an illegal helmet and causing his erratic behaviour

It seems Brown always has good reasons for his inappropriate actions.

Despite the fact that Antonio Brown has never been one to take ownership of his mistakes, he seems to have a good reason for it. When we think Antonio Brown’s weird story involving the Pittsburgh Steelers cannot possibly get stranger, he tops it. This time, it was a video posted to Instagram Live.

Antonio Brown claims ex-teammate James Harrison hit him with illegal helmet and gave him CTE

The former NFL wide receiver went on Instagram Live to name the one person he claims is to blame for his CTE, a brain illness that is suspected to be related to repeated head trauma and blows to the head.

James Harrison, the former Steelers player, was to be blamed for Brown’s CTE.

Brown said that he wanted to let everyone know that he believes James Harrison is to blame for his CTE. For more than 20 years in the NFL, James Harrison wore an unlawful helmet and he struck him once. Moreover, ever since he had bit hit, he has become quite aggressive. Thus, James Harrison is the sole person to be blamed for his CTE.


How true the claim can be?

It is currently hard to tell whether Brown is joking or not as Harrison played in the NFL for 16 seasons. So, making the assertion that he wore an unlawful helmet for more than 20 of those seasons is absurd. However, based on this only fact, we cannot claim Brown to be lying. It might also be accurate.


Since Brown and Harrison were Steelers teammates, therefore we can only assume that this hit occurred during a practice session. Many people throughout the years have cited Vontaze Burfict as the person whose vicious hit on Brown during a playoff game more than seven years ago most certainly changed his career.

The fact that CTE cannot be diagnosed in anyone until after their passing should also be mentioned. Brown only presumes that he may have it. Although he may be exhibiting symptoms, he won’t be around to notice them.



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