Watch Jackson Mahomes rides a girl on a mechanical bull, video goes viral

Watch Jackson Mahomes rides a girl on a mechanical bull, video goes viral

Jackson Mahomes is once again being made fun of on the internet, but this time the young man doesn’t seem to mind as his mechanical bull video goes viral

Jackson Mahomes rides a mechanical bull with a girl.

When Jackson blew a post-game interview his older brother Patrick Mahomes was conducting after winning the Super Bowl so he could add to his TikTok collection, he really infuriated fans. Also, he received criticism for sharing a video from this week’s Kansas City Chiefs parade.

The Chiefs will be in high spirits for some time, and Jackson may be too. On Thursday night, he returned to the platform and posted a video of himself getting straddled by a woman wearing a thong and chaps while riding a mechanical bull.


Jackson Mahomes rides a girl on a mechanical bull, video goes viral

Watch the video below.

If Jackson were someone else, his supporters would have been more impressed, but he isn’t. So, fans are criticising Jackson in the comments. One questioned, “Whom u trying to convince buddy.” Another person commented, “Dude don’t know what to do with that.” “Enough Jackson enough,” a user wrote. The video can be seen here.

Jackson and Brittany were among the top 20 most despised individuals in the NFL, according to research from the previous year, and they were the only couple who didn’t count as players, owners, or coaches.

Jackson Mahomes riding a mechanical bull with a woman after the Chiefs' Super Bowl title parade.


Brittany Mahomes affirms making efforts against hateful remarks.

Patrick Mahomes, the great quarterback of the defending NFL champion Kansas City Chiefs, is now widely regarded as Tom Brady’s heir. Due to his prominence, his closest friends and family may experience hostility or other forms of aggression in addition to the adoration of millions of people who want to express their love for him in many ways.

One of them is his wife Brittany Mathews, a fitness enthusiast and businesswoman. She is also the mother of his two children, and she has had to learn how to deal with her husband’s celebrity and the hundreds of admirers who attack her just for falling in love with the quarterback.

In a recent interview, Brittany discussed how she handles negative messages she gets on social media or those who call her “ugly,” as well as groupies who send her spouse explicit and direct messages.