Watch Iranian MMA fighter Ali Heibati kicked a ring girl before HFC fight, video goes viral

Watch Iranian MMA fighter Ali Heibati kicked a ring girl before HFC fight, video goes viral

The video of Ali Heibati as he kicked a ring girl has gone viral

An MMA star, Ali Heibati is making headlines after he was given a lifetime ban from the Hard Fighting Championship (HFC) following his kicking a ring girl just before his bout this past weekend.

For the unfamiliar, the Iranian fighter Ali Heibati was set to face Arkady Osipyan at the Hardcore MMA tournament in Moscow on Friday night.

Iranian MMA fighter Ali Heibati kicked a ring girl before HFC fight, video goes viral as he gets ban

However, before the fight began, Heibati unexpectedly kicked a ring girl named Maria in the rear as she walked by, holding up the card indicating the start of the first round.

Ali Heibati vs Arkady Osipyan

The woman named Maria, visibly shocked by the incident, confronted Heibati, but the referee quickly intervened to separate them and issued a warning to Heibati about his conduct.

Despite this, the fight proceeded as scheduled, but it didn’t last long. Osipyan won by technical knockout in the first round.

However, the referee ended the fight with just over 30 seconds left in the round, declaring Osipyan the winner because Heibati was unable to defend himself.


As the ref escorted Osipyan to his corner, Heibati suddenly got up and started attacking, landing several punches on Osipyan’s back.

Officials quickly intervened, pulling Heibati away while others entered the cage to restore order, awaiting the official result. The chaos continued after the fight, with both fighters grabbing the microphone for post-fight comments.

Heibati appeared agitated by something said to him and launched a high kick toward a commentator, then exchanged harsh words with him.


Additional footage later surfaced showing Heibati being assaulted by members of the crowd, being knocked over chairs and receiving several hits to the head. In the aftermath of his disgraceful behavior, Heibati apologized to the ring girl identified as Maria on social media for his actions.

Ali Heibati Apologize to Ring Girl

Explaining the matter while apologizing to Maria Heibati penned, “Hello, everyone. This message is for Maria. I wasn’t respectful towards her, and I’m sorry for my behavior.”

He further added, “Before the MMA fight, there were a lot of heated fistfights, which put me on edge. I was in the cage, ready to fight, and my emotions got the better of me.

“I was tense, and it’s common for emotions to run high before a fight, but that’s no excuse for how I treated María. I want to publicly apologize to her. I’m a married man, so I value and respect women.


“She was just doing her job, and after the fight, I didn’t even acknowledge my wrongs because I was still dazed from being hit. Please tell María that I’m sorry.”

Despite his apology, Heibati has been given a lifetime ban from the HFC. However, let us remind you, that Heibati isn’t the first MMA fighter to face severe consequences for bad behavior in the cage.

Last month, Brazilian fighter Igor Severino was removed from the UFC for biting his opponent, Andre Lima, during his debut fight.

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