Watch “Have you ever been fingered,” Tom Aspinall directs quirky question at Nina Marie Daniele

Watch “Have you ever been fingered,” Tom Aspinall directs quirky question at Nina Marie Daniele

Nina Marie Daniele has addressed the criticism following an explicit question posed by Tom Aspinall during their unconventional interview with their video now viral

For unversed, Aspinall engaged in a conversation with Nina, also known as Nina Drama, leading up to his championship bout against Sergei Pavlovich at UFC 295.

Tom Aspinall directs quirky question at Nina Marie Daniele, video goes viral

During their entertaining interview, the Wigan-born fighter took the unconventional route by asking a provocative question.

Nina, renowned for incorporating controversial and non-MMA inquiries into her interviews, was taken aback when Aspinall inquired, “I’ve got a question for you. Have you ever been f***ered by an MMA fighter before?”

Caught off guard, Nina responded with a surprised expression, stating, “Never. No.”


Who’s Nina Drama?

For unfamiliar, Nina Marie Daniele, widely known as Nina Drama, gained prominence in April 2017 when she was named Playboy Magazine’s Playmate of the Month.

Transitioning into a career on YouTube, she became recognized for conducting interviews with various UFC athletes, earning praise from UFC president Dana White for her professional skills.

Nina’s Interview With Aspinall

Nina has carved out her niche with unconventional interviews, posing outrageous questions to UFC stars. In a recent video she shared, Nina’s interview with UFC Interim Heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall took an unexpected turn.


Initially, the interaction appeared light-hearted and comfortable, with playful banter between the two. However, Aspinall steered the conversation into uncomfortable territory, asking Nina if she had ever been involved with any MMA fighter in a specific manner.

Shocked, Nina sought clarification, and Aspinall confirmed her suspicions. He further inquired about the conditions under which such an encounter might occur. Nina promptly shut down the suggestion, but the awkward moment lingered.

Who is Nina’s Boyfriend?

The fallout from the Interview was swift, with some applauding Aspinall for taking a bold approach, while others criticized the line of questioning, noting a hint of harassment. It became evident that Nina Drama is in a committed long-term relationship with renowned creative director Jhanelle Castillo.


Despite not being married yet, their enduring connection suggests marriage may be on the horizon. Aspinall’s attempt to make a romantic advance seemed unaware of Nina’s relationship status, and the delivery, if intended as a joke, fell flat.

Throughout the exchange, it was palpable that Nina was uncomfortable as Aspinall persisted with his line of questioning.

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