Watch Hasbulla Magomedov beats and assaults his helpless cat, video goes viral

Watch Hasbulla Magomedov beats and assaults his helpless cat, video goes viral

The popular celebrity Hasbulla Magomedov was seen on video beating his helpless pet cat

After seeing the 20-year-old, who has seven million Instagram followers, attack his cat, viewers responded angrily.

Watch the viral video below.

Hasbulla, a resident from the Russian Dagestan region who signed on to be a UFC ambassador, catapulted to prominence with his opulent lifestyle that includes private jets and fast automobiles. However, there has been severe outrage, over a video showing him repeatedly punching and tearing the ears off of his pet Barsik. He can be heard shouting in Russian in the video as the cat trembles in fear.

Hasbulla Magomedov beats and assaults his helpless cat, video goes viral


Fans are furious over Hasbulla’s actions.

One social media user wrote, “If I were that cat, I would scratch and bite the s*** out of that little s*** Hasbulla.” Someone else remarked, “Hasbulla clearly hasn’t seen Don’t F*** With Cats!”

They compared him to Kurt Zouma, a player for the Premier League, who was caught on camera kicking and slapping a cat. Despite being considered to be an animal lover and frequently being photographed with pets during his time as an influencer, he was seen treating Barsik poorly.

Hasbulla has become the talk of the internet.

Hasbulla is referred to as “Little Khabib” since he is close with and is from the same area as Khabib Nurmagomedov, a legend in the UFC. In 2021, he became popular on TikTok and has since become a beloved figure.

With the announcement of his UFC deal in 2022, Hasbulla quickly became the talk of the internet with his opulent lifestyle that included private jets and fast cars. After getting to know Hasbullah at UFC 267 in the Middle East in October 2021, Chief Dana White became a tremendous fan of his.

In a number of his photos, he can be seen exploring the globe while sporting designer clothing and jewellery. Some of his social media photographs, including one in which the star is pictured posing next to an orange Lamborghini, demonstrate that he is also no stranger to high-end automobiles and private aircraft.


He is also the subject of obsession due to his innocent appearance. He has a high-pitched voice and restricted growth due to a genetic condition. According to Hasbulla, he is 3 feet 4 inches tall.