Watch Hardeep Singh detained for displaying ‘Free Sikh Prisoners’ T-shirt during IPL match in Mohali, video goes viral

Watch Hardeep Singh detained for displaying ‘Free Sikh Prisoners’ T-shirt during IPL match in Mohali, video goes viral

On Saturday, Mohali police arrested a man for wearing a “Free Sikh Prisoners” T-shirt to an IPL game between Punjab Kings and Kolkata Night Riders with the video now viral

Later, the man and six other young people who had been held during the game were let go. Here is all you need to know about the incident.

Hardeep Singh detained for displaying ‘Free Sikh Prisoners’ t-shirt during IPL 2023 match in Mohali, video goes viral

Balwinder Singh, who is the spokesman for “Quami Insaaf Morcha,” says that the district police detained Hardeep Singh after he showed the T-shirt. Balwinder Singh said, “We’ve been told that Hardeep Singh was set free around 7:30 p.m.”

The Free Sikh Prisoners incident has made people wonder about the safety measures that were in place during the game. Three layers of security had been set up, and people could only get into the stadium after being checked by the police. But a lot of people want to know how a man with a morcha poster got into the stadium.

Before the game, the “Quami Insaaf Morcha” held a protest near the Mohali stadium to demand that Bandi Singhs be set free. Mohali police officers couldn’t say anything about the supposed security breach because they weren’t there.


Display of ‘Free Sikh Prisoners’ T-shirt at IPL match sparks debate

People are talking about the incident on social media, with some supporting the man’s right to free speech and others questioning whether it was appropriate to show such a message at a sporting event.

The issue of Sikh prisoners has been going on for a long time, and many Sikh groups have been calling for the release of those who were arrested and charged during the 1980s and 1990s, when there was a lot of Sikh militancy in Punjab. Some people have been let out of jail over the years, but many others are still there.

The incident at the IPL game shows how the Indian government and Sikh groups are still at odds. Sikh groups have been asking for more freedom and recognition of their cultural and religious rights, which the Indian government has been reluctant to give.


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