Watch former NBA player Delonte West seen dancing outside a 7-11, video goes viral

Watch former NBA player Delonte West seen dancing outside a 7-11, video goes viral

A new video of Delonte West blown out of his mind dancing outside a 7-11 has gone viral

The woman declares at the outset that she disbelieves in capturing individuals at their most vulnerable.

Delonte West’s most recent video is heartbreaking.

It appears that the basketball fan who filmed West was aware of his past struggles with mental illness. Sadly, she continued to share a video on social media, which has since gained millions of views.

The video is sad to many NBA fans because it shows once again how difficult it is for the former Boston Celtics player to get his life together. Despite Mark Cuban’s best efforts, it seems like West was not interested in receiving assistance.

Former NBA player Delonte West seen dancing outside a 7-11, latest video goes viral

West was detained once more two weeks after his mid-October detention, according to TMZ Sports. He was definitely dancing outside a 7-11 and appeared to be using narcotics once more.


According to the Fairfax County Police Department, on October 29 at around 3:47 PM, officers were summoned to a residential neighbourhood due to allegations of a male who seemed to be intoxicated. Police said that when they arrived, they discovered West “laying next to a car with an open door.”

Officials claim that after getting in touch with the 39-year-old, they arrested him for being intoxicated in public and then drove the former Dallas Mavericks point guard to a local hospital for additional testing.

What are the charges against him?

West was subsequently charged with the misdemeanour of drunkenness in public, according to court documents. A hearing has been scheduled for January to discuss the issue. The incident happened just 14 days after West had been detained similarly just half a mile distant the prior time.


In that incident, police claimed they detained West after receiving complaints alleging he had been trespassing in a car. According to court documents, he was charged with four offences, including driving while intoxicated and vehicle trespassing. Before the police run-ins in October, West seemed to be making progress in his life. In March, he received a tryout with the Big3… and in June found employment with a flooring business.

There is no information on what West is doing right now, but it appears that he is still living on the streets. Although Mark Cuban had volunteered to assist West in getting back on his feet, he was unable to persevere.