Watch female Boston Celtics fan throws drink and spits during playoff game, fight video goes viral

Watch female Boston Celtics fan throws drink and spits during playoff game, fight video goes viral

A female Boston Celtics fan has caused chaos during the recent playoff game against the Philadelphia 76ers with the fight video viral

The incident, which was caught on video, shows the fan throwing her drink and spitting at fans while being kicked out of the stadium.

The incident occurred as frustration grew among Celtics fans due to their team’s poor performance. Here is all you need to know about this incident.

The Celtics were already struggling on the court, and it seems that tensions were high in the stands as well. The female Celtics fan was being escorted out of the stadium alongside a male 76ers fan when she became enraged. As hundreds of fans around them cheered, the woman threw her drink at somebody below.

Female Boston Celtics fan throws drink and spits on fans during playoff game, fight video goes viral


Boston Celtics fan then gave the fans the finger, furiously cursed them out, and disgustingly spit at them as many ducked. The incident has drawn a lot of attention, with many criticizing the fan’s behavior. While it is unclear if the woman was arrested for her actions, it is important for individuals to be held accountable for their behavior, especially during a global pandemic.

The incident took place during the East semifinals, with the Philadelphia 76ers taking a commanding 3-2 lead in the series. Joel Embiid scored 33 points and Tyrese Maxey added 30 points to secure the win for the 76ers. James Harden finished with 17 points, 10 assists, and eight rebounds.

76ers dominate Boston Celtics and take lead in playoff amid fan tensions

The 76ers led by as many as 21 points in the fourth quarter as home fans booed the Boston Celtics. With the win, the 76ers are now in a strong position to close out the series and advance to the conference finals when they host Game 6 on Thursday night. It is expected that 76ers fans will be rocking the stadium on Thursday night as they cheer on their team.


The incident involving the female Boston Celtics fan is just the latest in a string of incidents that have occurred during professional sports games. Fans have been increasingly vocal in their frustration with their teams’ performances, and incidents like this only add to the tension. It is important for fans to remember that attending a sporting event is meant to be a fun and exciting experience, not a place for violence or aggression.

Sports teams implement stricter policies to prevent fan misconduct

In recent years, many professional sports teams have implemented stricter policies and regulations aimed at preventing such incidents. For example, the NBA has a code of conduct that all fans must abide by, which includes prohibitions against obscene language, disruptive behavior, and violent conduct. Other leagues have similar policies in place, and it is important for fans to be aware of these rules and regulations.


In conclusion, the incident involving the female Boston Celtics fan is a reminder of the importance of good sportsmanship and respect for others. While attending a sporting event can be a passionate and exciting experience, it is crucial that fans remember to act responsibly and follow the rules and regulations put in place to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

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