Watch: Fan Rejects Kiss From OJ Simpson As Things Get Extremely Awkward In Viral TikTok Video

Watch: Fan Rejects Kiss From OJ Simpson As Things Get Extremely Awkward In Viral TikTok Video

The woman fan dodged the kiss from OJ Simpson before making a repulsed face in a TikTok video which has since gone viral

Given O.J. Simpson’s murky past and his violent spree, the American QB is one man you don’t want to leave miffed.

However, one fan was ready to risk drawing the ex-football player’s ire to keep Simpson’s lips at bay. In what has now become a viral video, a woman is seen dodging Simpson’s attempt to kiss her as she was making a TikTok video with him.


Woman Evades Kiss Attempt From OJ Simpson In Viral TikTok Video

The video shows a blonde woman leaning back in her chain and dancing with OJ Simpson standing next to her in what was your typical TikTok video. However, things went haywire soon after as Simpson leaned in to kiss the woman with her quickly rejecting him as she moved her face away with her expressions clearly telling what she thought of the move.

The video, posted by @mackenziegd1998 on TikTok has gone onto accrue more than 2 million views with many taking a swipe at OJ Simpson for his lusting ways.


“O.J. baby, he’s out,” she yelled in the video with a smile before she pointed at Simpson and looked up toward him in the video which was taken in a bar in Las Vegas.

Simpson is currently under probation till September 2022 after being granted parole in 2017. He was arrested in Las Vegas in 2007 for a slew of felonies which included kidnapping and armed robbery. Simpson was found guilty of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman in a civil lawsuit filed against Goldman’s family.


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