Watch Darwin Nunez ignores streamer Jack Doherty in the US, video goes viral

Watch Darwin Nunez ignores streamer Jack Doherty in the US, video goes viral

Watch Darwin Nunez’s brutal response after his encounter with Kick streamer Jack Doherty

Uruguayan footballer, Darwin Nunez is in headlines following the 24-year-old had a brutal response as he encountered streamer Jack Doherty in public.

Doherty, a YouTuber with 14.5 million subscribers, also streams regularly on Kick. Known for controversial pranks, Doherty has been banned from Disney World for trespassing.

What Exactly Happened?

Recently, while Nunez, a Liverpool striker preparing for the Copa America with Uruguay in the United States, was taking a photo with a fan, Doherty approached.

In a bizarre twist, Doherty was handcuffed to his girlfriend as part of a 24-hour stream and was trying to get a picture.

Darwin Nunez ignores Kick streamer Jack Doherty in the US, video goes viral

When Doherty said, “Excuse me sir,” Nunez, completely ignored him and walked away.

Doherty then asked his chat who had snubbed him, noticing Nunez was wearing “two watches.” Bystanders informed him that Nunez is a “soccer player,” ending the exchange.

The clip went viral on social media, with many praising Nunez for ignoring Doherty.


Social Media User’s Reaction

The social media users are sharing the clips as they are finds it hilarious and excited. Meanwhile, many are annoyed by the streamer. Here take a quick look at what social media user’s are saying:

One person took to X and wrote, “Cook that massive annoying streamer.” Another reacted: “YES DARWIN!” A third commented: “W Nunez.”

For the unfamiliar, Nunez didn’t have the best end to the season with Liverpool, finishing third in Jurgen Klopp’s final campaign. He scored 18 times, including 11 in the Premier League.


Ahead of joining Arne Slot, Nunez looked sharp, scoring a hat-trick against Mexico on Thursday. Uruguay, under Marcelo Bielsa, have been in fine form and are grouped with Panama, Bolivia, and the United States.

Who is Jack Doherty?

For the curious, Jack Colin Doherty is a popular Kick streamer as well as a YouTuber. Doherty is widely recognized for his prank and stunt videos.

The streamer was born in Long Island, New York on October 3, 2003. As per various reports, he currently resides in Miami.


Doherty’s hilarious prank videos and reckless acts has earned him a substantial following across social media platforms.

His Instagram which goes by the name @jackdoherty has more than 2 million followers, while his YouTube which goes by the name @Jackdohertyy has over 14 million subscribers.

Net Worth

According to the various reports, the prankster YouTuber, who launched his channel in 2016, has a whooping net worth of around $60 million in 2024.

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