Watch Cedi Osman Oozes Yellow Blood From Nose During Game vs Piston, Video Goes Viral

Watch Cedi Osman Oozes Yellow Blood From Nose During Game vs Piston, Video Goes Viral

The NBA community is concerned for Cedi Osman well-being after he was spotted with yellow blood pouring down his nose

Following the ejection of some yellow fluid onto the court during their game against the Detroit Pistons, Cleveland Cavaliers forward Cedi Osman led some to believe that he might be suffering from serious health issues.

Cedi Osman Oozes Yellow Blood From Nose During Game vs Piston, Video Goes Viral

Cedi Osman was seen ejecting yellow fluid.

As a result of yellow fluids coming out of his nose and being captured on camera, Cedi Osman is trending on social media. Osman suffered a strong blow to the face in the fourth quarter of the Cleveland Cavaliers 102-94 victory over the Detroit Pistons Wednesday night.

There were 6:16 left in the game when the incident took place, midway through the fourth quarter. Osman jumped on defence as the Pistons’ Hamidou Diallo attempted to make a shot inside the paint. As he elbowed Osman in the face, Diallo lost his footing and collapsed to the ground. The Cavs forward collapsed to the ground and bled yellow. Yellow fluid could be seen on the floor next to the veteran Cavalier’s face in a closeup camera shot.

Was it ejected from his nose or his mouth?

The incident started circulating on social media in pictures and brief video clips. The enigmatic fluids flowing out of Osman’s nose drew immediate attention from the audience. He was called an extra-terrestrial by some who thought it was strange and peculiar. We do not typically see yellow fluids flowing from someone’s nose, so this is very unusual.

However, some fans assumed he was bleeding yellow. Some people noted that it might be spinal or cerebral fluid, which is never a good indication. Fans speculated that he could need to examine his health after it, wherever it originated from. No matter how absurd the circumstance, there might be a problem with Osman’s physique. He must be examined by the trainers and coaching staff before he may play again. Right now, let’s hope for the best.


These are a few of the fans’ responses:


At just 28.7 points per game, the Cavaliers’ bench scoring ranks just 26th in the NBA. This could be a major problem for them throughout the playoffs.

The Cleveland Cavaliers improved to a 13-7 record on Sunday by defeating the Detroit Pistons 102-94, solidly placing them in third place in the Eastern Conference. Without a question, this team will be dangerous during the playoffs.



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