Watch CCTV footage video of people who kidnapped the parents of Luis Diaz goes viral

Watch CCTV footage video of people who kidnapped the parents of Luis Diaz goes viral

The local police and military are conducting a high-stakes search for Liverpool star Luis Diaz father with a video showing the kidnappers of his parents viral

His parents were abducted in Colombia; the mother was rescued, but the father is still missing.

The parents of Liverpool player Luis Diaz were abducted in Colombia on Saturday night by armed motorcycle riders who have not been identified. While authorities claim to have freed his mother from captivity, his father is still unaccounted for.

CCTV footage video of people who kidnapped the parents of Luis Diaz goes viral


The authorities have been actively searching for Diaz’s father

The incident happened in Barrancas, La Guajira, but authorities are still figuring out what caused the kidnapping, so the specifics are still unclear. The Attorney General’s Office stated that the military and police are in urgent action in order to find the location of the kidnappers and clarify the facts. Moreover, senior Colombian government authorities are also working on the investigation. Further, to inspect motorcycles and other nearby vehicles, checkpoints have been set up.

Reuters reports that Cilenis Marulanda, Diaz’s mother, is safe and accounted for, as confirmed by Colombian President Gustavo Petro. According to local reports, the father is actively being sought by authorities in a case that has continued far after dusk. To date, Diaz has refrained from commenting publicly on the circumstances.


Before the kidnapping, the car Diaz’s parents were allegedly driving in and a biker was following them, according to early surveillance footage that SEMANA was able to get. It looks like a street-side camera recorded the video.

The national squad of Luis Diaz released a statement saying, “The Colombian Football Federation regrets the security situation that the parents of our player are going through.” “From the FCF we express our solidarity with him and his entire family and call for the relevant authorities to act as quickly as possible to resolve the situation.”

Diaz refrains from commenting

While Diaz plays for Premier League team Liverpool in England, his parents remain in his native country, where the forward has grown to be a well-liked figure. There are street murals in their area that depict Diaz’s visage. His first football coach was his father, Luis Manuel.

After joining FC Porto in 2019, the 26-year-old left South America to pursue his escalating career. He had a successful run for the Portuguese team, including some top individual performances in the Champions League, until Liverpool signed him in 2022. When healthy, he has been a huge asset for Jurgen Klopp. Even though Diaz’s family is so far away, according to his mother, they communicate frequently. He enjoys telling her about his friendship with Klopp and his teammates at Liverpool.