Watch Ashton Torgerson accident crash video from Chilli Bowl Nationals goes viral

Watch Ashton Torgerson accident crash video from Chilli Bowl Nationals goes viral

A terrifying catastrophe occurred on January 11 at the Chili Bowl Nationals when a 16-year-old racer Ashton Torgerson was ejected from his vehicle after it hit a wall and flipped many times with his accident video viral

According to media, Ashton Torgerson wrecked his car on the 11th lap of his maiden midget race while he and another driver were squabbling over a curve.

Torgerson was running outside of the top five in the A-Main Feature of the Chili Bowl Nationals when he collided with Kevin Thomas Jr., sending him into the outside wall and caused his car to flip on the backstretch.

Ashton Torgerson accident crash video with Kevin Thomas Jr from Chilli Bowl Nationals goes viral

He had started on the outside of the first row. When his speedy car flipped over, he was thrown from the vehicle and landed hard in the dirt. Torgerson was in eighth place when the incident happened.

The Chile Bowl Nationals tweeted that Torgerson, a resident of Medford, Oregon, was conscious and able to communicate with track authorities before being sent to a hospital in Tulsa. Family members of the rally driver told The US Sun that Torgerson is currently awaiting the results of a CT scan. Someone was cited as stating, “The first thing he asked me was what place he was in.”


The most recent reports indicated that Torgerson was conscious and receptive to touch. “Ashton is awake and alert at the hospital. He has feeling in hands and feet and has passed his tests so far. He’s now going into scans,” In a tweet, Peterson media cited the Torgerson Racing family.

The internet and the racing community at large have been flooding the young racer with prayers and well wishes.

Who is Ashton Torgerson?

Teenage race car driver Ashton Torgerson of Medford, Oregon is only 16 years old. The adolescent driver has been actively competing for ten years and has won numerous events. At age 4, he began racing go-karts, and he later moved on to dirt racing.


At age 11, he moved on from participating in cage carts to 600 micro sprints and small monster trucks. Inspired by his older brother Austin, Ashton made his full-size monster truck debut at the age of 14. Both brothers now prefer midget car racing, in which they use tiny engines that pack a lot of punch for their size.

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