Watch Antonio Brown Strips Off In Dubai Pool Infront Of Woman And Exposes His D*ck To Her, Video Goes Viral On Twitter

Watch Antonio Brown Strips Off In Dubai Pool Infront Of Woman And Exposes His D*ck To Her, Video Goes Viral On Twitter

Antonio Brown, a well-known NFL player, went on a Twitter rant on Saturday after an exclusive Post story said he had exposed himself to guests at a fancy Dubai hotel with the pool video viral

Antonio Brown is again under the controversial band on the internet. He is trying to justify his act, while some agree others are not.

The twitter is full of Antonio Brown memes, fun and anger. Antonio Brown is supporting his acts by different forms of justifications, how many will work no one knows.

Antonio Brown Strips Off In Dubai Pool Infront Of Woman And Exposes His D*ck To Her, Video Goes Viral On Twitter

The woman appeared visibly upset.

Brown exposed himself to the woman, and was later kicked out of the hotel.

“It’s crazy to me that even after I retire there is disinformation coming out about me,” Antonio Brown tweeted.

It’s funny, because the NFL is getting a lot of criticism for letting players play when they’re obviously hurt. They have been testing things on black men.


Brown was caught on video on May 14 shoving his bare buttocks into the face of a stunned woman in an outdoor swimming pool at the Armani Hotel Dubai. He then pulled his penis out of the water and whipped it in her direction as shocked tourists watched.

The Post got video of Brown getting way too close to the woman. The woman laughed at first, but she quickly swam away to get away from the controversial football player.

But Brown said he hadn’t done anything wrong.

“They use me every chance they get to get out of trouble.” It’s clear from the video that she runs away with my swim trunks, “he wrote on Twitter. “If the roles were switched, the headlines would say, AB has a wild night with a naked woman. When it’s me, though, it’s always a hate crime.”


Two eyewitnesses told The Post that after the recording was over, Brown continued to show off his private parts and asked the woman in a rude way, “You want it?”

The sources said the woman looked upset and was later seen yelling and talking to other people about what happened inside the hotel.

When asked if it was okay for him to take off his clothes and expose himself in the pool, Brown texted a reporter on Saturday, “Do what you have to do, f—k you white boys already.”


Antonio Brown Is Player Of Controversy!

Antonio Brown has been in a lot of trouble during his time in the NFL. The wide receiver who won the Super Bowl is now a free agent after two years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was with the Pittsburgh Steelers for most of his career, but he left when his relationship with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger got bad. Brown’s reckless behaviour off the field has caused a lot of trouble, and he has also been convicted of battery and sexual allegations. Brown, on the other hand, is one of the best wide receivers who has ever played the game. He has been to 7 Pro Bowls.

What About Antonio Brown’s Early Life?

Antonio Brown was born in Miami, Florida. His father, Eddie Brown, was a wide receiver for the Albany Firebirds in the Arena Football League. Brown went to Miami Norland High School and played different positions on his high school team, such as running back, wide receiver, quarterback, and punt returner. Brown went to North Carolina Prep Tech and played quarterback there for one season. From 2007 to 2009, he went to Central Michigan University and played football for the school. Brown also got a scholarship to Florida International University, but he was kicked out after getting into a fight with security.

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