Watch Antonio Brown strips down to his underwear after FSU concert in Tallahassee, video goes viral

Watch Antonio Brown strips down to his underwear after FSU concert in Tallahassee, video goes viral

The saga surrounding Antonio Brown, the free agent NFL wide receiver, has taken yet another strange turn with a video of him down to his underwear viral

A recent video reveals Brown stripping down to his underwear on Florida State University’s campus, tossing his pants—along with his phone—to a passerby. The entire scene leaves many questioning the future of his already turbulent career.

Antonio Brown strips down to his underwear after FSU concert in Tallahassee, video goes viral

A video that surfaced on social media shows Antonio Brown removing his pants in broad daylight on a Tallahassee sidewalk, surrounded by individuals in security uniforms. He then tossed his pants towards the person filming the bizarre event. “He somehow forgot his phone was in his pants, because a random student ended up with it,” noted an eyewitness.

This unusual act transpired shortly after Brown’s rap concert at a local venue, Potbelly’s, according to reports from the Tallahassee Democrat.

Antonio Brown career in Limbo

Brown, 35, has not played since he dramatically left MetLife Stadium in the last game of the 2021 NFL season. In a highly publicized incident, he removed his Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey and stormed off into the locker room.


The sports community widely believes that this marked the end of his professional football career. “He might not believe it, but his career likely ended on that day,” said a sports analyst.

Silence from the NFL

Despite the unfolding of these peculiar events, there has been no indication that any NFL team is even considering reaching out to the free agent. Antonio Brown, once a promising star in the NFL, has made headlines in recent years, mostly for his unpredictable behavior rather than his athletic prowess.


The enigma continues

“What on Earth is going on with Antonio Brown? I feel like we’ve asked that question numerous times over the past 5 years,” said a long-time fan, echoing a sentiment felt by many. Brown remains an enigma, keeping the public, the sports world, and likely even himself, guessing about his next move.

As the 35-year-old athlete remains a free agent without any prospective team interests, his strange antics only add more fuel to the already blazing fire of speculation regarding his future.

In a world that increasingly values stability and predictability, especially in sports figures, Antonio Brown continues to be an exception. His actions raise questions not only about his career but also about the personal challenges he might be facing.


While the future remains uncertain for Antonio Brown, one thing is clear: he continues to captivate the public’s attention, albeit for reasons that raise more questions than answers.

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