Watch Amouranth Receives $70,000 In Cash And A New iPhone From Twitch Fan On Livestream, Video Goes Viral

Watch Amouranth Receives $70,000 In Cash And A New iPhone From Twitch Fan On Livestream, Video Goes Viral

Amouranth, the most well-liked female streamer on Twitch, received several presents from an unidentified fan, including $70,000, a new iPhone, and self-defence gear with the video of Amouranth viral

Amouranth just settled her divorce recently.

An unknown fan sent her multiple gifts, including a new iPhone, $70,000, and self-defence equipment. She has continued to stream frequently since divorcing her spouse, whom Amouranth claimed of being abusive and in charge, although she claims she now has greater flexibility to stream however she pleases.

Amouranth Receives $70,000 In Cash And A New iPhone From Twitch Sub On Livestream, Video Goes Viral

Fans of Amouranth, which boasts millions of devoted followers, have shown their support in a variety of ways, but one fan has gone above and above by giving the actress a care package for self-defence as well as large sums of money.


Amouranth receives several gifts from her anonymous admirer.

The $70,000 in cash is possibly the least important part of the present package, especially in light of Amouranth’s popularity and commercial success outside of streaming. At first assuming it was a “YouTuber, trying to pull a prank,” Amouranth was visibly stunned by the kind gifts, which also included a taser, as he opened their live stream.

The money and the letter attached appeared quite real, even though it might be a joke. Amouranth read from the letter, “I have sent a few defence needs as well as some cash to assure no amount of financial meddling can prevent your resolution.”

The fan does want anything in return.

The phone hasn’t been enabled, therefore no one has the number. However, the letter also included two phone numbers that looked to belong to a security company that the unnamed donor was already paying for.


Amouranth stated that despite the fact that he also provided his personal number, there was no indication that this person desired anything in return from the streamer. There isn’t the creepy, “Run away with me, please marry me,” that usually exists.

To make sure the money wasn’t fake, Amouranth also examined the bills. For the time being, it is unclear if the gift is actually anonymous or if a content provider is behind it. When MrBeast used to make significant gifts to streams on Twitch, some viewers immediately saw similarities.



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