Watch AEW wrestler Dante Martin breaks leg after misplaced powerbomb, latest injury update as video goes viral

Watch AEW wrestler Dante Martin breaks leg after misplaced powerbomb, latest injury update as video goes viral

Dante Martin, an AEW standout, injured his leg horribly after being forced through a table in a terrible mistake as the 22-year-old competed in a tag-team Ladder Match on Friday night at the ROH Supercard of Honor with his injury video viral

During tonight’s ROH Supercard of Honor, the vacant Ring of Honor Tag Team Championships were up for grabs, and AEW’s The Lucha Brothers prevailed. They defeated groups including The Kingdom, Aussie Open, and La Facción Ingobernable to win the ROH Tag Titles for the first time and start their first reign.

There were several high-stakes positions during this match because it was a “Reach for the Sky” ladder battle. During the match’s finale, Pentagon Jr. performed one of those life-or-death manoeuvres when he dropped a Canadian Destroyer on Dante Martin from a bridged ladder through two outer tables.

Dante fell hard to the ground with his legs still stretched because the quickness of the action caused both men to pass through the stacked tables more quickly than usual. He appeared to have broken his left ankle upon contact.

AEW wrestler Dante Martin breaks leg after misplaced powerbomb, latest update as injury video goes viral


Has this put Dante’s wrestling career to an end?

Dante’s left leg appeared to break as his opponent Penta El Zero M executed a practised powerbomb through two stacks of tables, potentially ending his wrestling career. Martin’s legs were extended farther than they should have been because Penta misjudged the powerbomb off a stacked ladder.

Martin’s left leg was the first to contact the arena floor as a result, and it collapsed from the tremendous force of the technique. Fans nearby watched in horror as ring personnel and medical staff rushed to Martin, who was in excruciating pain. He was then taken by stretcher from the arena to the hospital.

ROH owner Tony Khan addressed the situation during the post-show media scrum on Friday night and said Martin was at a local hospital with his brother and Khan was waiting for an update.


Khan indicated that Dante may be out of action for a while due to the injury, “He’s at the hospital right now,” Khan said. “Right before I came out here, I spoke to Darius and they’re all at the hospital. We hope to receive a positive update soon. Dante is in pain, but I’m wishing the best for him.”

When will Dante come back?

Ankle fractures typically take 6 to 8 weeks to heal completely, but it’s clear from the video that this was probably a worse break than most. The Top Flight tag team has a long history of misfortune; in addition to Dante’s ankle problem, brother Darius has twice missed nearly a year of in-ring combat due to different injuries.


He suffered a severe injury in a car accident that kept him out of action until this past November after tearing his ACL in February 2021, which forced him to sit out until March 2022.

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