Washington Wizards social media manager post private picture of girl partying on team’s Snapchat account

Washington Wizards social media manager post private picture of girl partying on team’s Snapchat account

Washington Wizards social media administrator forgets to log out of the account and then posts hilarious pictures of a night out on Snapchat

After this weekend, the Wizards’ social media administration might simply lose their privileges as it was strangely observed that the Washington Wizards’ Snapchat account was sharing images of someone’s night out.

Washington Wizards social media manager post picture of girl partying on team’s Snapchat account

On Friday night, images of a female dancing in a club were shared online. One of the team’s many fans immediately took a screenshot of it and reposted it for everyone to see. The caption for the picture stated, “I was trying to figure out why it smelt so horrible… Jessie is in the open performing the stanky leg.”

After seeing the post, fans immediately started dragging it. Many people promptly posted comments in response to the amusing picture. This is so Wizards, one person remarked, while another questioned how everything this group does is so incredibly embarrassing.


A follower commented on the picture, “This person is getting fired,” after seeing it. A fan humorously questioned, “Does this mean Jessie’s off the GM job contention?” However, the team’s employees seem to be having fun during the off-season.


The Wizards’ season is over.

The Wizards’ season ended prior to the playoffs, meaning Washington is no longer in action. The team’s 35-47 record marked their fifth straight losing season. They will now concentrate on planning for the future, trying to keep Kyle Kuzma in DC, and handling their three NBA draught picks. They now possess the eighth pick as well as two second-round picks.

After this funny mistake, we will have to see if that future includes hiring a new social media manager.


Wizards SG Bradley Beal to Magic?

Due to the Orlando Magic’s two lottery picks in the next NBA Draught, trade possibilities are open. With budding stars like two-way forward Franz Wagner and Rookie of the Year Paolo Banchero, Orlando may decide to maintain the first-round picks and keep bolstering this “young nucleus.” Alternately, the Magic may go all in and use their draught selections to acquire an established talent in this league, instantly filling a roster gap.


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