Was Urvashi Rautela the ex-girlfriend of YouTuber Adit Minocha on Splitsvilla 15

Was Urvashi Rautela the ex-girlfriend of YouTuber Adit Minocha on Splitsvilla 15

YouTuber Adit Minocha revealed that he and Urvashi Rautela had a past sparking reports of them dating earlier

At Cannes 2024, Urvashi Rautela is presently drawing attention with her exquisite attire. The actor’s appearance or personal life have always brought her attention. Recently, YouTuber Adit Minocha and the MTV Splitsvilla 15 competitor confessed in a viral video that they had a past together.

Was Urvashi Rautela the ex-girlfriend of YouTuber Adit Minocha on MTV Splitsvilla 15

The clip is from the dating reality show’s teaser for a future episode. Fans speculated that Adit and Urvashi might have dated after the teaser generated a lot of talk among them.

Urvashi appears on the dating reality show at the start of the widely shared video. Adit Minocha appears later in the video, stating, “Meri asli ex toh ab aayi hai.” I have a long history with Urvashi.” Urvashi is yet to officially comment on this though and confirm if she was really dating Adit.

Adit minocha who used to roast spilitsvilla is now in spilitsvilla 15 and also he roasted urvarshi rautela as well and she went in the show as guest, I’m exited to see his reaction on this, they had such a big beef , his channel grew up just bc of roasting her!😂
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The startling reaction of Adit Minocha as Urvashi Rautela approaches the stage got captured on camera, surprising all other competitors. The video went viral shortly after it was posted online, and users began bombarding the comment section.

One user highlighted that Adit made a YouTube roast video on Urvashi, and she got offended by it. She made him take it down after sending him a legal letter because it was so amusing.

Another user said, “If anyone follows Adit bhaiya from Playground knows the story.”


In his videos, Adit Minocha has consistently mocked Urvashi. When Adit published a video that was directed exclusively at Urvashi, the existing dispute intensified. As a result, Urvashi’s team sent Adit a legal notice.

The group also vented their fury in a comment on the video. Urvashi’s team highlighted that Urvashi has brought so much pride to India. At such a young age, she has accomplished a great deal, whereas Adit has done nothing.

Adit posted a video in November 2023 featuring Urvashi Rautela. Kissing World Cup Trophy. He claimed that India didn’t win because of Rautela.

Splitsvilla 15 is reality show based in India. The season, which was filmed in Udaipur, was hosted by Tanuj Virwani and Sunny Leone. It debuted on MTV India on March 30, 2024, and JioCinema offers a digital version of it.


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