Vince McMahon crying meme origin and story explained as GIF template goes viral

Vince McMahon crying meme origin and story explained as GIF template goes viral

Over the past few days, a short clip of WWE co-founder and commentator Vince McMahon crying mid-interview went viral as a reaction video across social media, find out more about the video as the meme goes viral

Netizens who use the now viral clip usually follow it along with the phrasal template, “Dad, what was X like?”.

Vince McMahon crying meme origin and interview story explained as GIF template goes viral

Ever since the meme clip first appeared on TikTok, it has since gone viral across other social media sites.

Vince McMahon Crying clip origin

The viral clip of Vince McMahon is take from a interview scene shot back on May 17th, 2020. The interview aired on the second episode of Undertaker: The Last Ride on WWE, featuring Vince McMahon who choked up while discussing The Undertaker. Interested fans can access the clip via reupload to Reddit at the 4:47 timestamp. According to reports, a TikTok user by the username @pain.cuhh, first posted it on October 21, 2023. The user posted it along with a text that read:


Everytime I start to get better something else has to come and ruin it”

Notably, the post gathered over 1.5 million plays and around 276,500 likes in just six days time.

Vince McMahon Crying clip goes viral

Following the original post on October 21, an X user called @SavinTheBees posted the video on October 25, 2023. The user posted the video alongside a caption about the COVID-19 Pandemic, which stated:

Dad, how was gaming with the homies during covid lockdown?”

The tweet garnered over 6.7 million views and around 124,000 likes in just two days. A few days later on October 26, a TikToker with the username @elitegamingcuts posted a copy of the tweet. The post gathered over 19 million views and around 2.9 million likes in just a single day. On the same day, the TikTok page – @bleacherreport posted the Vince McMahon crying clip with the caption:


LeBron is almost 39, Steph is gonna turn 36, KD and Russ are 35, Harden is 34.”

Notably, the post gathered over 600,000 plays and around 90,000 likes in just a single day.

A TikToker named @minute posted the same clip on October 26 with the caption:


When someone ask me about my favourite coworker that quit a while back.”

The video gathered over 1.8 million plays and 150,000 likes in just a single day. Aside from TikTok, the meme has now spread on to X, where a user @SypherPK posted a clip captioned:

Dad, tell me about Fortnite chapter 1.”

The post managed to gather over 13,000 likes in just a day and has since become the main phrasal template.

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