Video of rapper BTB Savage shot dead goes viral days after he posted blood covered pictures on Twitter

Video of rapper BTB Savage shot dead goes viral days after he posted blood covered pictures on Twitter

An unknown assailant shot and killed amateur rapper BTB Savage in River Oaks, Houston, on Thursday night, shocking people on the Internet with the video viral on Twitter

Just one day before he died, he posted on social media that he had killed his enemy and included a picture of his bloody wristwatch in a kitchenette. The post was called “TOO MUCH MOTION,” which got his followers talking.

After a few hours, a video that claimed to show the rapper’s crime scene went viral on the Internet. The short video shows what people believe to be the rapper’s body lying on the ground. Bullet holes appear in a white Mercedes Benz parked on the side of the road, which reportedly belongs to the rapper.

Video of rapper BTB Savage shot dead goes viral on Reddit days after he posted blood covered pictures on Twitter

The video also showed a police car and officers, which shows that the shooting was a violent crime. At the time this article was written, the police had not said anything about what happened.

Who is BTB Savage? Age, early life, career, and much more!

BTB Savage, whose real name was Michael Susberry Jr., was born in Cleveland and always wanted to be a rapper. But he had to join the military because he didn’t have enough money. After he got out of prison, he got serious about his interest in music and worked hard to make his own album.


His first song, “Marilyn Manson,” which was produced by DUVIN x chino and featured Veeze, did well. He went on to make more popular tapes, such as “Scam Party,” “Break the Bank,” and his most recent, “MoneyBlood.”

BTB Savage discussed altercation with girlfriend’s robbers

In a recent interview with DJ Vlad, the rapper talked about a fight he had with the thieves who stole from his girlfriend. He said that thieves broke into their house while he was with his girlfriend and their child. During a fight over guns, his girlfriend shot and killed at least one of the suspects, according to reports. However, the public did not receive all the facts about the incident.


Fans and followers of BTB Savage are shocked by his death. Many have sent their condolences and made insensitive memes online. Some people on the Internet couldn’t believe that the rapper had died only a few hours after he had hinted that someone else had died. The matter is sensitive, and those close to the rapper express concern about the reactions of some people.

At the time this article was written, there were no official statements online from the singer’s team. Fans are now waiting for information about who did the shooting and why. The death of BTB Savage is a sad loss for the music industry. This is a reminder that showing off your life on social media can be dangerous.


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