Video of Jenna Ortega’s scene in Miller’s Girl movie goes viral on Twitter/X and Instagram

Video of Jenna Ortega’s scene in Miller’s Girl movie goes viral on Twitter/X and Instagram

The video of Jenna Ortega’s kissing scene in Miller’s Girl movie has gone viral

Jenna Ortega, who is already one of the most recognizable up-and-coming actors of our generation, is hogging the limelight once more thanks to a liplock moment from the dark comedy Miller’s Girl, which was released on January 26.

Video of actress Jenna Ortega’s scene in Miller’s Girl movie goes viral on Twitter/X and Instagram

In the film, 26-year-old actress Gideon Adlon, best known from The Craft: Legacy, is seen sharing a passionate kiss with her co-star Ortega. The long kiss moment, as well as the intense passion and chemistry between Ortega and Adlon, left fans in amazement. While some were left stunned and pretended to be infatuated by the actress’s attention, others were left speechless.

Internet goes insane over Jenna Ortega’s intense kiss

Miller’s Girl, which starred Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman, was out on January 26 of this year. While Rotten Tomatoes gives the movie an average of 33%, it hasn’t exactly received a ton of positive reviews, but the movie nevertheless generated a lot of noise online. Thanks to a viral moment starring Ortega and co-star Gideon Adlon, the movie is currently getting a lot of attention.


In the scene under consideration, Ortega and Adlon exchange smiles as she asks the latter whether she’s “ready?” Adlon smiles mischievously, and Ortega meets her gaze directly. They then slowly pull their faces together, locking lips in a passionate kiss.

The footage went viral on X

Many Jenna followers were left in full shock by the scene. A shaky phone recording of the scenario was uploaded to the platform on Saturday, February 3 by X user @ykkswb. It has had over 38.6 million views and an incredible 99,000 bookmarks.


People on social media were fascinated by the scene. To put it mildly, most comment sections were a little lusty. Numerous people bemoaned the fact that they should have been the ones standing opposite Jenna Ortega, while others speculated about the cameraman’s possible thoughts throughout the scene’s recording.

Miller’s Girl does not receive positive reviews

Miller’s Girl centres on the nuanced bond that forms between a gifted student, Cairo Sweet (played by Jenna Ortega), and her instructor, Jonathan Miller (Martin Freeman), following an astounding creative writing assignment. Gideon Adlon, who plays Cairo’s buddy Winnie Black, is the one with whom Jenna experiences the passionate kiss.


The movie had a 44% audience score and an unsatisfactory 33% average on Rotten Tomatoes, in addition to an average IMDb score of 5.5. The film was hailed by critics on the internet for having skilled actors and a sufficiently relevant central premise, but it was also criticized for being hollow and narratively superficial.


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