Valorant Username Ideas: Unique, Stylish, Creative And Funny Names To Keep In The Game

Valorant Username Ideas: Unique, Stylish, Creative And Funny Names To Keep In The Game

Players in Valorant can keep the same username as others if their tags are different, here is a list of the 20 best stylish, unique and funny names in Valorant ideas

Players in Valorant have the access to change their username for free. Moreover, games like PUBG Mobile charges an amount to change their name because they need a rename card. Valorant players can also change their name and tag from visiting the official website. The only condition is that players cannot change their name for the next 30 days after changing it once.

Also, players can keep few unique tags other than the numerical tag which is provided by Valorant when you create your ID for the first time. So, let’s have a look at 20 stylish usernames and Tags in Valorant.

List of 20 Stylish, Funny And Unique Username And Tags Ideas in Valorant

In order to keep stylish name, make sure you have the access to change the name and you have not changed it for the last 30 days. Valorant also allows its players to hide their name and only show to players they want. So, there are a lot of new things in Valorant.


20 Stylish Username in Valorant

  1. Ninja
  2. senpai
  3. Levi
  4. Sensei
  5. GROOT
  6. fl1ck
  7. PR3DAT0R
  8. PhantomGOD
  9. goku
  10. haiVaan
  11. Toxic
  12. TheSNIPER
  13. Ryu
  14. TeNz
  15. ReYnA
  16. Black Nose
  17. LEGEND
  18. rainbowsalt
  19. jota
  20. BlasterSatvik

Furthermore, these are some cool names based on your gameplay, your favourite streamer and on your favourite agents. Players can keep names like Flick if they are good at sniping. Moreover, names like haivaan and tenz are based on your favourite Valorant players.

So, these were the stylish names in Valorant, let’s see some of cool and stylish tags and names you can keep in Valorant.

  1. #yours
  2. #rodie
  3. #1010
  4. #0420
  5. #0786
  6. #god
  7. #rocky
  8. #jod
  9. #2021
  10. #valo
  11. #ares
  12. #ninja
  13. #wick
  14. #naman
  15. #tenz

So, these are some of the sylish and unique taglines you can keep inorder to stand out from other players. Furthermore, to change the username, visit the following link and follow these steps.

Change Username In Valorant


Valorant Sign-in Link

  1. Visit the above link and sign in
  2. You’ll find Riot ID, Tag on the right side of your screen
  3. Simple just edit the username and tag, which you want to change
  4. Click onSave Changes and you’re done.

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